9 Things A Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention To

1. Make a discovery.

As a wedding photographer, you should first explore the area, get an idea of the light and find spots where you can get good shots. You should have discussed with the bride and groom in advance which locations they prefer for shooting. Before the wedding day, review the area where you will shoot and organize the best photos you can get according to their wishes. Don't forget to make a few different plans for unexpected situations or inclement weather.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer


Wedding Photographer

2. Know your equipment better than you know yourself.

As a photographer, you should be completely familiar with the equipment you use. The wedding day is definitely not a good time to try out new equipment. Do not practice on the bride and groom. If you have bought new equipment, try it out a few days before. Make sure it works properly and be prepared in case something goes wrong on the wedding day.

There is a big difference between having the latest camera and knowing how to actually use it. There is no lens or camera to make up for your lack of knowledge. So before you take on a wedding photography job, review your basics. It's not just about the equipment you use; it should also be about composition, using light correctly, taking portraits with different body types.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

3. Master the light.

Without light, there would be no photography and no life. Every wedding photographer approaches light differently. There are endless possibilities to control and manipulate the light in a scene. Some of them are even provided to us by nature.

As a wedding photographer, try to use more than one light source. Familiarize yourself with the available light and try to manage it well. But also practice using natural light and artificial light together.

To learn the light better, take your camera everywhere you go and try to get the best exposure by taking photos in almost any light. This will save you a lot of time when editing photos and will prevent you from taking unrecoverable photos when capturing important moments.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

4. Pay attention to composition.

For some, creating a good composition is child's play. For others, it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. Wedding days are hectic, but as a wedding photographer, remember to slow down and be careful. Before you press the shutter, take a look at your composition in case there are small details that could ruin the photo. There's nothing worse than thinking you've got a great shot and then seeing a tree branch sticking out of the groom's head.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

5. Always back up your files.

Always back up your photos. Backing up once is not enough, you need a backup of your backup. You should take storage seriously because it would be very unpleasant if something happened to the photos you take all day. Protect photos offline as well as online cloud storage systems. And don't forget to refresh your Lightroom catalogs. It wouldn't be nice to lose the photos you've worked so hard to organize.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

6. Carry spare equipment with you.

As we know, cameras are man-made, they have a certain lifespan. And the worst things always happen when they shouldn't happen. Make sure you have spare equipment with you in case your camera jams while capturing the most special moment. On the day of the wedding, there will definitely be people with very good cameras among the guests, you don't want to borrow from them :). If you use several cameras instead of changing lenses, it will be easier to keep up with the pace of the wedding day. But the most basic thing a wedding photographer needs to do is to know his/her equipment very well and know how to solve problems when they arise.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

7. Organize your belongings well.

Arrange a place out of the way of guests where you can put your heavy equipment when not in use. You can bring two camera bags, one small and one large. The small one will be comfortable to use during the ceremony. The larger one should have everything you might need.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

8. Don't forget to add your own style.

It is said that every photo you take, even the ones that are not selfies, are self-portraits. Your photography style defines the image of your brand. Versatility is not a bad thing for a photographer, but it can have bad effects on your image as a wedding photographer.

Be consistent in your photo editing. Find what you like and stick with it. Showing the bride and groom different editing styles can confuse them. If couples know what to expect from you, things will go smoothly for both parties. To ensure this, be consistent.

Of course, don't miss out on the fun while trying to maintain your style. Have fun, be creative and most importantly, remember to be traditional in your wedding photos. A simple portrait of the bride and groom smiling and looking at the camera will make moms very happy.

9 Things a Good Wedding Photographer Should Pay Attention to photographer

9. Be like a ghost.

Here's the last tip we'll give you: Be a ghost. The best compliment you can get as a wedding photographer is "We don't even remember you being there". If you are invisible, sometimes you get the best photos.

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