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bathrobe shoot

Our Shooting Process

As LUX Photography Video Production, we are at the intersection of creativity, art and business. Each image does not just capture a moment; it tells a story, an emotion...

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Current LED Light Prices and LUX Ratings

LED Lights with the Best Price Per Brightness (Affordable) in Turkey: A 2024 Guide for Photographers and Videographers (Current Price Table Below)In photography and videography, light...

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All About E-Commerce Photography!

The main purpose of e-commerce photo shoot is to increase your sales as one of the most effective methods to advertise your products for e-commerce. The human brain understands what it sees more than what it hears...

Amazon A+ content attraction

All About Amazon A+ Content!

What is Amazon A+ Content? Amazon A+ Content is a specialized listing method that aims to increase sales by showcasing products in an impressive and attractive way. This content includes...

Jewelry shoot

10 Tricks for Taking Jewelry Photos

How to Make a Jewelry Photo Shoot? Fascinate with its subtleties! Jewelry photography is one of the most special and demanding branches of product shooting. Have you ever wondered why...

Cast Photography

7 Things You Need to Know About Cast Photography

If you want to be taken seriously by casting directors and invited to auditions, you need a professional casting photo shoot. These photos will be their first impression of you. Here is a photo shoot for you

Cosmetics Shooting

4 Most Important Types of Product Trailer

When you are trying to find new ways to show people the features of your product or service in a way that is not only accurate, but also convincing and understandable, a product trailer is the perfect...

youtuber shoot

All About Portrait Photography!

Portrait photography is one of the most popular and oldest genres of photography that has the ability to tell a person's personality, mood and story. Whether it's a professionally shot human...