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High quality decoration product shots are at the heart of every successful web-based store. Our in-house team takes great care to present your product in the best possible way for the whole world to see. Good for your product We are proud to introduce your next customer to you and your brand with e-commerce visuals. As LUX Photo and Video Production, we have created beautiful images for hundreds of companies. We make visuals for online use, showing every detail that helps product sales.


No matter what size furniture you have, we can provide great images for your products. We can photograph your home furnishings in your home or in our studio, highlighting your designs. Since our studio is spacious, we can also shoot large furniture. We can photograph your ornaments in beautifully decorated homes. Take a look at our photos and contact us immediately if you have any questions. from here you can reach!

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Our home product photo and video services increase sales of your products by looking at outstanding, high quality images that your customers will connect with. Call us to get the best decoration product shooting services available for you and your company. To see examples of our home product and decoration product shoots Our Instagram account you can visit.

Product photography is a big part of your business that you really need to think about when trying to convince people to buy your products. Online shopping in particular is growing in popularity and so photography for social media is becoming more important.

Not only can you find almost anything you need with a simple click, but online shopping is time efficient, something shoppers are looking for. The power of an image is undeniable and if you are not adding exceptional product photography images to your website, you could be losing out on many sales conversions. Taking product photos at home brings some problems such as the background for taking photos at home, the light for product photography at home. And instead, leaving your products in professional hands will both increase your sales and relax you.

Product photography is so important that it can be the difference between making a sale and losing a lot of customers. Here are 6 reasons why product photography is important for your business.

1- Builds Your Brand

Product photography is not a short-term plan, but a long-term investment to ensure your business is recognized as an industry leader.

It helps your customers believe that your business really cares about their needs and wants, which motivates them to become fans and eventually loyal customers who buy your products again and again.

2- Promotes Silent Communication

Nowadays, people now have less attention spans than ever before. Therefore, when browsing through various online platforms, they have very limited time and even less patience to actually read all the text or product descriptions.

That's why it's more important than ever for the success of your business to have powerful and effective product photography that will instantly grab their attention.

3- Product Photography Sets the Right Expectations

It is relatively easier to convince people to buy products offline than online, as customers can physically see and touch them.

By taking professional product photos of your products that tell the story you want to tell, it sets your customers' expectations of what they are looking for.

Professional product photography also helps to eliminate the fear they will surely have about products not meeting their expectations.

Quality photos that tell the right story will meet customer expectations.

5- Keeps Competitors Away

Ürününüzün %100 benzersiz olduğunu hissedebilirsiniz, ancak bu %100 doğru değildir.

There are businesses that sell products with the same characteristics as yours.

The way to kill your competitors, differentiate yourself and gain more market share is to talk with your photos.

Use high-quality product photography to show that your products are more responsive to detail, better at solving your customers' problems and better than your competitors.