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Jewelry photo shoot with mannequin

The modeled photo shoot, which is the favorite of the jewelry world, is perfect for attracting the attention of customers. Customers see the jewelry more realistic thanks to the model shoot and their buying potential increases. If you want to make your products look more interesting, a jewelry photo shoot with a model is for you. The modeled jewelry photo shoot is done in two ways, with and without the model's face visible.

Jewelry shoot with faceless mannequin

Jewelry shoots with models whose faces are not visible are simpler than jewelry shoots with visible faces. Because the model's face is not visible, there is no hair and make-up work. Since only the hands, neck and clothes of the model are required, it is enough to wear clothes suitable for jewelry and to have hand care. If you need an urgent model photo shoot for your e-commerce site, this shoot is done faster.

In addition, if you have a lot of products and your time is limited, this shoot is also more suitable for you. Because if you have a lot of jewelry, it will take a lot of time and it is not possible to do it in a limited time because it will be necessary to change hair and make-up suitable for jewelry in a shoot with a visible face. Another advantage of a jewelry shoot with a faceless mannequin is that it is more affordable. Since the make-up and hairdresser are not taken into account, the prices of the jewelry shoot are less. So, if you have a limited budget, such a shoot is more suitable for you.

Jewelry shoot with mannequin showing face

In addition to jewelry, other important factors in this shoot are hair and makeup. When you look at a jewelry catalog shoot, the first thing that draws your attention is hair and make-up in addition to jewelry. As a team that pays attention to this, we also have a team of professional hairdressers and make-up artists. In this way, we make the most suitable hair and make-up for your jewelry and shooting style. At the same time, we have both professional and affordable models that we work with regularly. We do not forget the importance of the model posing in the jewelry shoot with models and we work with the most suitable models. If you need a jewelry photographer, we are here.

No matter how much we say that shooting jewelry with a mannequin whose face is not visible is more affordable and easier, the indispensable photos for web pages are shots with a mannequin whose face is visible. In this shot, the mannequin's gaze, the emotion it gives, the way it shows the jewelry is also involved, so it attracts more attention and allows customers to buy the product. Therefore, if you want a more flashy shoot, we strongly recommend you to have a jewelry shoot with a model whose face is visible. With the professional models, make-up artists and hairdressers we work with and our experienced team, we believe that we will be the best to handle this job. :) You can contact us immediately for more shooting details and jewelry shoot prices.

How should hand modeling work in a jewelry shoot?

Hand modeling, which is one of the most used shots in jewelry, is a very laborious shooting style that requires a separate aesthetic look, no matter how easy it seems. There are some details that the model should pay attention to. For example, her nails should be well-groomed for the shoot, her hands should be smooth, and she should have an aesthetic stance when holding the jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry shots with hand modeling, only rings may come to mind as jewelry, but now it is very common to shoot jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings on the hand and it looks very aesthetic. So, if you want to have aesthetic different style jewelry photos, you can consider having a jewelry shoot with a hand model. If you have a lower budget than face shots, the prices of jewelry shots with only hands are much more affordable because makeup and hairdresser are not involved. Therefore, you can also consider jewelry shoots with hand mannequins.

Where and how do we take jewelry photos with models?

If you want to shoot jewelry with a mannequin, we can do it in our workshop in Levent, which is located in the center of Istanbul, or we can do it in an outdoor location suitable for your request. Since jewelry is small products, outdoor shooting is not a very recommended shooting, but if desired, the outdoor location should be chosen as a place suitable for the concept of the jewelry. Studio shooting for jewelry is more suitable for jewelry.

When we will do a modeled jewelry photo shoot, you can bring the jewelry yourself or send it to us by cargo. Jewelry shoot with models is a much more complicated job than white background and concept shooting, so it is necessary to work more carefully. On the day of the shoot, which we arrange in advance, usually early in the morning, the whole team, namely the model, make-up artist, hairdresser, photographers and assistants gather. Before the shooting starts, the model is prepared for the shooting and at the same time set-up is set up for the shooting in the studio. When the shooting starts, care is taken to take photos where the jewelry is in the foreground, because although model hair and make-up are important, our aim here is to highlight the jewelry.

If you wish, you can accompany us and accompany us in this modeled photo shoot process that requires a lot of effort and professionalism. When it comes to mannequin photo shoot prices, you may think of very high prices, but you can see that we do not have very high prices according to our professionalism and the quality of our photos. You can contact us and learn all the shooting details, jewelry shooting prices and mannequin photo shoot prices.

Jewelry Video Shooting

Nowadays, jewelry videos are very popular on social media that we all use. In fact, according to a statistic, the order of attracting attention on social media is video, photo, text. In other words, video is a more effective product promotion method than articles. As such, jewelry owners also prefer to give importance to video. As LUX Photo Video Production, we are ready to shoot videos for your jewelry. On this page you can see our jewelry video shooting examples, also our youtube video channel can examine, To our Instagram product page you can take a look.

Concept jewelry photo shoot

When you look at jewelry photos, you may often see photos with decor. Because this kind of shooting reflects both the style of your jewelry and the style of your brand. The most logical method to tell customers that your jewelry has a story is to have a concept photo shoot. If you are looking for an experienced jewelry photographer, we believe that we will shoot your jewelry in the best way by relying on our decorated photo shoots that we have been doing for years as LUX Photo Video Production.

Where and how do we realize the concept jewelry photo shoot?

We realize our concept jewelry photographs in our workshop located 6 minutes away from Levent Metro. You can check our contact information for more detailed location. Before shooting your products, we work on the decor according to your product style and your wishes. Because the important thing in shooting with decor is that the decor is suitable for the jewelry and that the decor does not leave the product behind. We prepare the decors that will keep your product in front of the eye and reveal it, and we carry out this work with the best equipment. You can contact us immediately for jewelry shoot prices and more information.

As with other product shots, white background photography is a very basic type of photography in jewelry shooting. It reveals all the details of your jewelry and shows it in the most accurate way for sale. Of course, for this to happen, the right photography techniques must be used and very accurate retouch work must be done. You can review our white background jewelry shootings on this page as LUX Photography Video Production, which pays attention to these details that lie at the basis of creating quality photographs before you get jewelry photo shoot prices from us. If you want to get information about jewelry photo shoot prices and if you are curious about other product photo shoot prices, contact us you can reach.

Where and how do we take jewelry photos on a white background?

We carry out our white background jewelry shooting in our studio, which is 200 meters away from Levent Kanyon AVM. Our studio is 6 minutes walking distance from M2 metro line Levent station. If you want to be with us during the product shooting, you can send the products by cargo. If you do not have time, we send back the products you send by cargo in the same way. In our shooting, we take information from you such as how many photos will be taken from how many angles and we follow our way in the light of this information. Silver jewelry shooting, gold jewelry shooting, we can do it all. We are assertive about white background jewelry shooting prices because we shoot with hundreds of equipment in our studio and the best cameras on the market. 

Visuals that will increase your sales

With us, it's just a click away!

As a jewelry designer or a jewelry brand owner, you know the importance of showing the quality and beauty of your products in an impressive way. That's why it's important to know about jewelry shoots and get professional support. Here's what you need to know about jewelry shoots and decor for a jewelry shoot.

Jewelry Shoots and Photo Shoot Types

Jewelry shoots generally fall into two main categories: studio and outdoor shoots. Both offer different atmospheres and results. Studio shoots allow for lighting and background control, while outdoor shoots give more organic results with natural light and varied backgrounds.

Accessories for an outdoor photo shoot are usually determined by the concept of the shoot and the style of the jewelry. These accessories can be objects, natural elements or decorative elements chosen to match the concept of the shoot.

Jewelry Photographer and Decor Selection

Since shooting jewelry is a process that requires attention and detail, the support of a jewelry photographer is often indispensable. A professional photographer knows the techniques and lighting tactics needed to best bring out the features and details of jewelry.

The choice of decor for a jewelry shoot is also important. The decor should be chosen to complement the style, colors and texture of the jewelry. This further emphasizes the aesthetics and details of the jewelry and increases the sale of the products.

Shooting jewelry requires the right techniques, lighting and decor to highlight the details and beauty of the jewelry. Therefore, the support of a professional jewelry photographer is often invaluable in this regard. Remember, a quality photo shoot allows you to present your products in a more impressive way to potential customers and increase your sales.

We are very experienced in jewelry photo shoots!

A jewelry photo shoot is important to present your jewelry brand's products to customers in the best possible way. Jewelry is reflective and needs the right lighting and professional skills of the photographer to make it visible during the photo shoot. As LUX Photography Video Production, we specialize in jewelry photography with our 18 years of experience. All photos and videos on this page were taken by our team. If you want your jewelry photos to be taken by an experienced team and if you want to get information about jewelry photo shoot prices, contact us Communication you can set it up.

Our prices for jewelry photo shoot

For jewelry shoots, prices are determined according to each product and the number of photos/videos. There is no ready-made price list. Depending on the number of products and the number of photos per product, a proposal is prepared and the most appropriate budget is determined. When you contact us, your quote is usually sent to you within a day. You can always contact us to find out the exact price.

360 degree jewelry video shooting

Shooting 360 video is also called spiral video and it allows you to see every aspect of the jewelry in 360 degrees. In a photo, we only see one side of the jewelry, but thanks to 360 video, we see all sides of the jewelry and this helps us to better understand how the product really is. For this video shoot, we have special 360 degree product shooting stands that we have specially brought from abroad and we are waiting for you to make perfect shots that allow you to see every aspect of your jewelry! 

Decorated jewelry video shoot

Another important style to advertise and increase awareness of your jewelry is jewelry video shooting with decor. In these videos, the concept is determined according to the style of your jewelry to capture the mood you want to give. For this, styling and decor are very important and require meticulous work. If you want to have your jewelry video shot in reliable hands, LUX Photography Video Production experience is ready with its product photographer staff.

Jewelry video shoot with mannequin

Shooting with models, which is the favorite of jewelry photographs, is also the favorite of video shootings. This shot is perfect for better understanding how the jewelry looks and what its size is. Because customers see the jewelry in the most realistic way because they see the jewelry on a model and in video form. In photography, some things can be changed with photoshop as a post-shooting step, but doing the same in video is a very difficult step close to impossible. Therefore, a piece of jewelry is the same in real life as it is in the video and this increases the confidence of the customers in the product. You can contact us to have the sharpest and most impressive videos of your jewelry made.

Our prices for jewelry video shoot

As with photography, we do not have a specific list of jewelry shooting prices for video shooting. We determine our price according to the shooting you want, how many videos there will be, how many seconds the videos will be. Getting such detailed information from you allows us to understand you better and allows us to recognize your products and shoot them accordingly. We send prices in the form of offers via e-mail and if you want to learn the prices of jewelry video shooting in this way, just contact us! :)

To watch more of our videos Our Youtube accountand you can easily contact us for jewelry shoot prices.