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Architectural Photography

Our studio, which offers professional location shooting, architectural photography and virtual tour services, helps you showcase your business spaces in the best way. Located in Istanbul, our studio captures and immortalizes the spirit of any space with its modern equipment and experienced team. Specialized in location shooting and architectural photography, our team knows the importance of details and therefore pays attention to every frame.

With our virtual tour services, we offer your potential customers a unique opportunity to explore your venues. Users can visit your venue with virtual reality technology, examine the details and experience the atmosphere of the venue. This interactive experience not only increases customer interest but also strengthens the promotion of your venue.

You can find these three services in detail under the heading "Location Shooting & Architectural Photography & Virtual Tours" on our website. Our services are ideal for corporate companies, hotels, restaurants and many other sectors. With our professional shoots, we strengthen your brand image by effectively presenting your venues to potential customers.

When shooting your corporate website or commercial space, we use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality results. For more information about our location shooting, architectural photography and virtual tour services or to request a quote for your project, please contact us. Meet the images that best reflect the vision and values of your business.

VIRTUAL TOUR Click to see our sample Virtual Tour shot, where you can show your venue from every angle and put explanatory text at certain points: https://burakbulut.net/vr-demo/

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How to take a location photo?

Understanding why indoor photography is difficult can help you overcome this challenge. After all, if you know what causes a problem, it's much easier to fix it. Here are some tricks to use when shooting architecture: 

1. Play with natural light

"To start, try to focus on existing lights and how they radiate in your indoor space," says Paris-based photographer and art director Charles Roux. "Sometimes it's a matter of redirecting it and sometimes it's a matter of timing. "Study the bluish morning light, the contrasting afternoon light, the smooth warm evening light, and even the night lights - from the street, the moon, etc. There are tons of possibilities.

Aside from sunlight, another type of natural light that can help you get creative is fire; I lit all the photo sets with a wood fire in the fireplace or candles. Even though they provide very little light and create a very warm balance, they provide a unique glow." Turn off artificial lights and walk around your home throughout the day, studying how the sunlight falls through the windows of different rooms. By changing your location and planning your shot to coincide with the golden hour or blue hour, you'll have more control over the final image.

2. Take a few test shots around the house

As you study the light in different rooms, take a few photos to see how it looks in the camera. "No matter where I'm shooting, I always take exploratory photos of space with only the available light and the location as a reference," explains Los Angeles-based photographer Damon Casarez.

Having a professional photo shoot to show the interior of your venue can be very beneficial for customers to trust you. Taking photos indoors often means working in low light, navigating tight spaces and struggling with unpredictable color tones, but as LUX Photography and Video Production, we are an expert team with 17 years of experience. You can see our indoor photography examples on this page.

What better way to take your guest directly to your hotel and show them a panoramic view of your rooms and spaces. With a virtual tour hotel photo shoot, your guests can see your hotel from all angles, as if they were standing in it. Having a hotel promo shoot is a great way to accelerate your growth in this sector and invite guests to your hotel. If you want to have virtual tour hotel photos taken for your hotel and create a virtual tour for your hotel, LUX Photography Video Production is ready to offer you the best service with 17 years of experience. Also for your organization outside the venue business person shootwhatever you need Our Instagram accountyou can view our shots from our website.