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Professional business portrait photography

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LUX Production team, which has 18 years of experience in professional business portrait photography, executive and company team photo shoots, realizes professional business portrait photography shoots with the most up-to-date equipment and professional team of experts ( Business Headshot Portrait Photography - Linkedin Style Portrait Photographer - Corporate Portrait Photography )

Why Professional Business Portrait Photography is Necessary?

Professional business portrait photography is essential for your LinkedIn profile, professional website and social media. This professional business photo can be the first photo that anyone searching for you on the internet sees. You don't want candid photos from a wild college party on social media to be the first photos that appear in a search by a prospective employer. That's why it's a great idea to find a professional photographer for a professional business portrait photo shoot. As LUX Photo Video Production, we have been doing professional business portrait photo shoots for 17 years, if you need a business person photo shoot as a corporate photo shoot, contact us. you can reach. 

Important Ingredients for Professional Business Portrait Photography

As LUX Photography Video Production, after working with people for about seventeen years and taking countless business portrait photos, we have experienced all the important details about professional business portrait photography. Here are the items that we think will benefit you during professional business portrait photography and help you better prepare for professional business portrait photography in our studio.

1. Identify your target audience.

First of all, think about your target audience. Who are the groups and individuals you want to influence? Who is your dream client? How will they receive the message of your business portrait photo? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you present your personal brand and ensure that you have a clearer attitude during the professional business portrait session.

2. Know who you are and your story.

Let's talk about who you present yourself as. What is it about yourself that you want to express to the other person? What do you want them to see when they look at your portrait? Your portrait should be able to immediately tell a potential client or employer what to expect when working with you. It might help to think of a list of characteristics you want to convey, such as "warm, friendly and reliable" or "strong, authoritative and decisive".

3. Plan where you want to use the photos.

Think about where the photo will appear. For a social media platform? For the website? For LinkedIn? Determining this helps with how the shoot will take place because, for example, backgrounds are adjusted accordingly. If the photo will be used for email, white backgrounds are usually preferred, while for LinkedIn, gray backgrounds are usually preferred. For a professional business portrait shoot, planning everything else in advance will help us choose together, such as orientation (vertical or horizontal framing), background, lighting setup, etc.

4. Identify sample photos.

If we clearly know what we want, there is no need for a moodboard. However, if you have something out of the ordinary, a moodboard can be helpful to explain yourself. This doesn't have to be an elaborate Pinterest board. Screenshots and low-resolution photos can also be very helpful to tell us what you want.

5. Pay attention to clothing.

Comfort and fit are the most important elements when choosing clothes for a professional business portrait photo shoot. Pay attention to how the outfit makes you feel. Do you feel constrained, do you have to stand perfectly still? All these details affect the impression you want to give. So be as comfortable as possible in the way you are and the way you want to appear to people on first impression.

When it comes to colors, we recommend avoiding busy patterns, logos and very bright colors. If you are having a hard time deciding, check out our previous professional business portrait photo shoot examples below. Our studio has a changing room for you to change clothes, a lint roller (for pet hair), hairspray, brushes, cutting tools, etc., but don't forget to bring such items and your own makeup, just to be on the safe side.

6. Don't forget the hair and make-up details.

Under professional lights, even the smallest details in skin and hair can stand out. So even if you don't want makeup, a little touch-up may be necessary. We should not skip these details before the shoot. If hair and makeup is very important for your shoot and you don't want to do it yourself, we can hire a make-up artist and hairdresser for the shoot. If you want to prepare yourself, there is also a space for that in our workshop.

7. It is important that you feel good during the shoot.

For a professional business portrait photo shoot, you want to do your best, so it's good to take steps to feel your best on the day. First of all, it's important that everyone involved in the shoot stays safe and healthy. So, if you are feeling ill, let us reschedule the Professional corporate photo shoot. Rescheduling will give you time to recover and give you the opportunity to look good in the photos. We are also implementing Covid-19 measures in our studio, which has affected the whole world.

It's good to take care of yourself before the shoot, get plenty of rest, drink water, eat well, because this self-care not only helps to improve your complexion, but also helps to maintain your confidence and mood.

How and Where are the Prices for Professional Portrait Photography for Business?

For a professional business portrait photo shoot, we can come to your office with professional studio equipment and shoot at your own workplace, we can host you in our studio in Levent, Istanbul, or as a third option, we can organize a special location for business people photo shoot. For information and appointment for Linkedin photo shoot or corporate business photo shoot prices in general click here

A business person doesn't just make an impression with their image, they create a brand. Your business photos are one of the most important components of your online profile or CV. But many people are still unclear about how these photos should look like. In this blog post, we will discuss what an ideal CV photo should look like, what a LinkedIn photo should look like and how to do a corporate photo shoot.

First of all, your CV photo needs to be professional and reflective. The CV photo will be the employer's first encounter with you and should therefore be as effective as possible. Correct lighting, clarity and a proper choice of clothing are important. Also, a CV photo should be in portrait format. This means that your face should be in the center of the photo and usually visible up to shoulder level.

A photo shoot for LinkedIn is slightly different from a CV photo. The ideal LinkedIn photo should show you in a professional setting. An office photo or a work-related background adds an extra layer and depth to your profile. At the same time, your LinkedIn photo should cover 60-70 percent of your face so that profile visitors can get to know you better.

We also have some suggestions for corporate photography. If you are taking a team photo, make sure that all team members look relaxed and natural. These photos should show your team dynamics and the atmosphere at work. At the same time, for specialized positions, such as a doctor photo, it is important to create an image that reflects professional competence and reliability.

A photographer who specializes in making portraits and taking professional photos of people can capture the best of you and your team. Business people photos or general corporate photos are the cornerstones of your first impression and that's why it's important to get professional help.

In conclusion, a CV photo, LinkedIn photo or general corporate photo shoot is indispensable to succeed in the business world. Your photos should reflect professionalism, credibility and your personal brand. Remember, first impressions are lasting and that is why it is important that your photos are the best.

Therefore, you can benefit from the portrait photographer support of LUX Production. For contact here click here.