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In the digital age, online shopping is more popular than ever, which increases the importance of professional product photography. Whether it's clothing, cosmetics or any other product, a product shot on a white background, or more specifically a decoupage shot, is one of the best ways to present your products to potential customers. But what is a decoupage and how do you do a decoupage? Here is all the information you need.


Decoupage means taking a photo of a product and then digitally removing its background so that it stands alone. Decoupage is ideal for online stores and e-commerce sites because it shows products on a crisp, clean white background so customers can focus on the product. Decoupage refers to the process of cutting out a specific part of a photo or image and placing it on a background, usually white.

A ghost mannequin shot is a type of decoupage used as a background for a clothing shoot. The ghost mannequin is used to give shape to the garment and show how the garment will look, but is not visible in the final photo. A ghost profile picture or ghost photo is obtained by combining photos of the product taken from different angles.

Professional product shooting is usually done on a white background. This makes the product stand out and the decoupage process becomes easier. Shooting your product photos on a white background makes your photos look clean and professional and also shows potential customers the features and details of your product.

There are a number of tools and software available for decoupage. Online decoupage services are often used as an alternative to decoupage programs such as photoshop and often offer a faster and more efficient workflow. However, professionalism is important in decoupage and you should therefore be careful when choosing a decoupage site. Decoupage prices usually vary depending on the number of photos and the complexity of the job.


As a result, decoupage makes your product photos look professional and attractive. Product photos are one of the most important assets for an online store, because they are the first thing a customer sees to make a purchase. A well-shot, clear and professional product photo highlights the best aspects of your product and makes the customer consider buying it. Therefore, a decoupage shot and a product shot on a white background can be the key to your success in the world of e-commerce.

Why is a Decoupage Product Shoot Necessary?

The background is an important part of a photo shoot to think about. White backgrounds are also great for social media and online sales brands. It is very important to have a decoupage photo shoot to reflect your product in the most accurate way and present it to the customer. If you are going to use your photos in a catalog or similar promotional places, it is mandatory to have a decoupage product shot. If you want a modeled photo shoot or a decorated photo shoot for product photo shoot for the website, it would be good to get information about the prices of decoupage product shooting and have it done in a supportive way.

What is a decoupage, How to Shoot Decoupage?

You can see the answer to the question "what does decoupe mean?" in our article below.

What is a Decoupage Shot?

Decoupage Product Shooting is the presentation of your product by getting rid of the background crowd with digital editing. If you ask why there is a need for this, in the past, it was necessary to cut the product in catalogs, magazine advertisements and put it on different decors and different colored floors. Nowadays, this kind of design approach has been moved away, mostly e-commerce sites and catalogs prefer to shoot products on white backgrounds. Therefore, if you are not going to remove the product from the background and use it in a special design, if all you want is to show your product on a clean white background, do not have it decoupaged, because decoupaged product shooting means the possibility of damaging your product, additional time and additional cost. When taking a product photo on a white background, we recommend shooting with the right lighting with a white background and natural shadows of the product.

For decoupage product shooting, the background should be illuminated correctly, and there should be no loss of detail on the edges of the product due to intense light due to the excess light to be given to the background. If you only need product photos on a white background and your photographer knows what he/she is doing, he/she can highlight your product on a white background by taking a white background photo shoot, using the right light, without decoupage, without seeing the damage caused by the decoupage on the edges of the object. There are beautiful examples similar to this on white background without decoupage in our photo gallery below. Keep in mind that the photographer who lacks technical knowledge will want to decoupage the photos you want on a white background, even though there is no need for this, and you will lose time and quality in vain. Although decoupage product shooting is a necessity for placing on different backgrounds, it requires being a professional in digital editing applications such as photoshop for a natural and lossless decoupage.


Decoupage and white background product photography is also very important for e-commerce because some e-commerce sites require the photo to be white background as the main visual. As LUX Photo Video Production, we do Trendyol, Amazon Product Photography and Video Shootingyou can examine.

Why is a Decoupage Product Shoot Necessary?

Of course, decoupaged product shots and modeled product shots are very important for your products, but a white background product shot is a must to reflect the product in the clearest way. On famous e-commerce sites like Amazon, the main photo is always a white background photo shoot or a decoupage product shot. In this way, everyone browsing the site can perceive the product in the clearest way. If you want your product to make a difference from other products, the quality of your decoupage product shot determines this. You can review our examples below for the best quality decoupage product shots, Communication You can contact us from our information.

The 4 most important points for Decoupe Product Shooting / White Background Photography:

1 ) Product Photographer in Decoupage Product Shooting

As LUX Photography Video Production, we have been making our place in the sector by making Istanbul-based product shootings since 2005. At the same time, we complete the missing information in the sector by providing trainings on product photography, portrait photography, studio photography. Burak Bulut As Sony Imaging Brand Ambassador for Turkey and Europe, he passes on his knowledge to photographers in the country in many ways.

The professional photographers in our workshop have 4-16 years of experience and specialize in different fields of photography (product, portrait, etc.). Our photographers will realize your shootings in the most beautiful way by using the latest technology equipment of our workshop. If you need a photomodel for the shootings, we can arrange local or foreign models with the agencies we have contracted with. We can also hire professionals for hair, makeup and styling support.


2 ) Equipment We Use in White Background Photography

We use the cameras at the cutting edge of technology in our workshop, which we can call the best cameras for white background - decoupage product shooting. For 2022, we have three cameras with 61 megapixels, 42.4 megapixels and 36 megapixels ready for your shots. Besides, we use the best lenses in the field. Another point that should not be overlooked for a good decoupe product photo shoot is to use good lights. Under the consultancy of Burak Bulut photographerOur photographers use 10s of continuous lights, state-of-the-art paraflash and numerous light shapers to shoot the decoupage product by showing your product in the best and most accurate way. Finally, in order to deliver the decoupage product photos in the right color, we use a color calibration system and digital editing on the appropriate monitors and deliver them on the date we agreed with you for delivery.

3 ) Our Studio for Decoupage Product Photography

As we mentioned above, due to the pandemic, if you want, you can stay in your workspace and send us your products by cargo or we can come and pick them up from your location. But of course, we always welcome you to our studio in line with masks, distance and hygiene rules. Our photo studio is located in Levent, one of the central locations of Istanbul, 6 minutes walking distance from the metro. If your products are in sizes and weights that cannot be transported, we can set up a professional studio in your workspace and realize our professional photo shoot. Thanks to our generators that can last 12 hours with a tank of gasoline, we can do a professional photo shoot in any outdoor location you want.

4) How Do We Perform Decoupage Product Photography?

As we said above, decoupage product shooting is the process of taking the product from the backgrounds on digital platforms. In other words, in fact, the product cannot be decoupled during decoupage product shooting, the product is decoupled with post-shooting processes. Thanks to Photoshop and similar platforms, we perform professional decoupage on these products that we shoot on white background. As LUX Photography Video Production, you can review our decoupage product shooting examples that we have been doing for 15 years on this road we set out on, and contact us for a price quote. Communicationyou can switch to

Before we start shooting, we discuss with you critical information such as how many angles your products will be shot, the number of decoupage and products and determine these details. Once we know these, we determine important details such as how long the shoot will take with our shooting team, how much the budget will be, and we send you a written proposal. It usually takes us one day to determine the price and time of the shoot, so it takes a very short time to reach all the details for your shoot.

Except for the examples you see on this page Product Photography you can see it on our page or Our Instagram Accountyou can visit.

Take a look at our decoupage product photo shoot gallery and get an offer from the form below!

1- Choosing the right model for your outfits

To start ghost shooting, it is important to choose a mannequin that fits the product, as ghost mannequins come in a range of sizes and styles.

If the shape is not correct, your clothes will not fit properly won't fit . Therefore, it is useful to have a variety of different mannequins on hand to shoot with. However, we understand that not everyone can have a variety of ghost mannequins on hand - so styling pins and clips are important.

Once you've chosen the right mannequin, collect your outfits in a logical shooting order - gather the appropriate ones together without the need to change mannequins and pieces. You will save yourself tons of effort and allow more time for styling.

2-Choose which parts to remove from your ghost mannequin

First, choose which modules of the mannequin you want to remove. For example, if a blazer is to be shot, the 'V' chest piece is removed as the lining is a very important feature to showcase in your e-commerce store.

Carefully remove the chest module. Depending on the length of your garment, it is also a good idea to remove the pelvic area of the ghost mannequin. By doing so, you will be able to show the lining under your blazer (or shirt, dress, etc.).

3-Dress the mannequin

Then, starting with the sleeves, gently dress the mannequin in a blazer (or any garment of your choice for that matter).

Straighten the shoulders and make sure that the seams line up with the shoulders of the mannequin. Take time to make sure there is no visible stretch in the fabric.

Now you will see that the lining is completely exposed, as if an invisible person is wearing it.

4-Shape your garment

It's time to dress the ghost model for the shoot. For areas where the garment doesn't quite fit, use a combination of the shaper pins on the back panel to tighten it up. Tissue paper is also incredibly useful to help 'condense' the areas you want to emphasize.

Take some time to shape the blazer, making sure that it fits symmetrically on the mannequin and that there are no visible wrinkles.

5-Pull the garment

Adjust your lighting and pose to highlight the key features of the blazer without overwhelming any color.

Then, focus your lens and take a series of shots that zoom in not only on the jacket as a whole, but also on the lining and stitching. Be creative - you know what your customers are looking for.


Tips and Tricks

  • If your clothes are too big for your chosen mannequin, use shaping pins in the back and under the armpit area to achieve a more elegant and fitted look.
  • Use crepe paper to 'fill in' areas that need to be filled or highlighted.
  • Separate your outfits according to how they fit each mannequin to save time changing and replacing parts.

If you want a professional ghost mannequin shoot, we are here as LUX Photo Video Production! Ghost mannequin prices, ghost mannequin shooting price for us easily you can reach.