Portrait Photography

Recommendations for Personal Professional Photos

There is no magic wand for taking a professional photo. It usually takes years of practice, but there are some things that will significantly improve your photography. So we've listed 10 tips that will make your photos more professional. Here are the tips...

1. Try to capture different lights.

Lighting is number one on this list for many reasons. It is the most overlooked aspect of photography for beginner photographers, but professional photographers are obsessed with it. Lighting is the most important thing for professional photos. Using different lighting will professionalize your photo. For example, there are many ways to make a portrait photo have more interesting lighting. You can place the person in the shade to light their face evenly, or turn their back to the sun so that harsh shadows don't scratch their face.

2. Be clear about what to shoot.

If you find it difficult to make sense of a composition, the problem is most likely that you have chosen too many subjects at the same time. First decide which subject will be the main subject. This way you will have a much more impressive photo. In professional photography, what you focus on at first glance should be the main thing you need to convey. Other distracting elements should either be absent or remain in the background.

3. Make digital adjustments

Retouching, or retouching in English, is a digital correction and editing process that is essential for professional photographs. These are usually done in Photoshop and Lightroom and allow the photographer to creatively change colors, contrast and exposure. If you are just learning the basics of photo retouching, you can also improve yourself by taking classes.

4. Pay attention to clarity.

There are so many factors that affect the sharpness of a photo that it can be difficult to know what is causing your photos to lose sharpness. But often the problem is that the photographer has not focused the photo exactly right. When taking a photo of a person, it is very important to place the focus point exactly on the eye of the person you are photographing.

5. Emphasize emotions.

Emotions are an often overlooked factor in photography, but it's a great way to make a photo more impactful. When taking a photo, ask yourself, "What emotion does this photo convey?" By asking yourself this question, you will avoid taking a photo of a person without expression. You will realize that the person's expression does not convey a mood and you will change it. This can also happen in a landscape. If you look at a photo of a bird in front of a sunset, you will realize that the very bright photo does not convey a calm mood.

6. Learn depth of field.

Depth of field is the hallmark of professional photography, especially professional photographs of people. Shallow depth of field means that the subject of the photo is sharp and the background is blurred. Learning this technique can instantly transform your photography into something that looks much more professional. Here are all the steps to take photos with shallow depth of field:

  1. Wear your longest lens
  2. Set the camera to aperture priority
  3. Set the aperture as low as possible
  4. Get as close to the subject as possible while allowing the lens to focus
  5. Place the subject away from anything in the background.
  6. Put the focus on the subject
  7. Take the photo

With automatic settings the camera took the picture on the left. It's okay, but not interesting. The photo on the right has a creative dark exposure that makes the color pop and the photo conveys a much more expressive mood.

7. Adjust perspective.

If you look at professional photos, you will see that they are often taken from inconspicuous points. For example, a photo of a CEO will be taken from below and the person will look up to make it look more powerful. Or when it comes to photographing a city, we often want to get a very high perspective and see the whole city. So perspective is very important.

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