Shooting Process

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As LUX Photography Video Production, we are at the intersection of creativity, art and business. Each image does not just capture a moment; it tells a story, expresses an emotion, and creates a brand. Whether it is to increase the appeal of a product or promote a service, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Our shooting process is a reflection of the deep connection we have with our clients. Every step is tailored to your needs and goals. Whether in the studio or outdoors, we aim to provide the perfect experience for your shoot.

Below, we will give you an overview of how our shooting process works. Here are the steps of our shooting process:


1. Introductory Process

The first time we meet you is the cornerstone of your project. In this first step we try to understand exactly what you want and what you need. Whether it's a product shoot or a portrait shoot, we listen and ask questions about everything you need. Our goal is to understand your vision and reflect it in the best possible way. This is the first step of everything. Like the first brushstroke of a work of art, it is the most important stage for the success of the project. With this understanding, we work shoulder to shoulder with you and set out to realize the visuals you dream of.


2. Model Selection Process

Every story has a face, a representative. Model selection is the process of finding the right face that reflects the brand's identity and message. Whether it is a professional model or a face that reflects a specific character, model selection is a critical step in telling the brand's story correctly.

At this stage, suitable candidates are identified from the model pool in line with the needs of the client and the requirements of the project. The most suitable model or models are selected through casting, test shoots and face-to-face interviews. Afterwards, the necessary preparations are made until the shooting day, contracts are signed and everything is planned for the best shooting day.

Model selection and sourcing is the process of finding the face of your story. The right model can reflect the values of your brand, the quality of your product and the spirit of your story. That's why, as LUX Photo Video Production, we attach special importance to this step and aim to achieve the best harmony in every project.


3. Concept Preparation Process

After the first meeting, our creative team steps in. Notes, ideas and opinions come together and are used to create a theme and style. Inspired by you, we work intensively on the most suitable concept to realize your dream shoot. In this process, an idea is born and grows. First a spark, then a flame. Every detail is taken into account: colors, lights, locations, costumes. Every part of your story is thought out and designed in a way that best reflects you. The result is not just an image, but a work of art that captures emotions, memories and thoughts. And it all starts with your dream

Shooting Process photographer


4. Planning Process

Every great success starts with good planning, and this also applies to photo and video shoots. First of all, the day, time and location of the shoot need to be determined. These are carefully chosen according to the type of project, its purpose and your wishes. Next, all the necessary equipment, cameras, lights, special effects are listed and prepared. Additional personnel such as models and make-up artists are also included in the plan. Also, aesthetic details such as clothes, accessories and decor are not forgotten. Everything is meticulously organized for that perfect day. Every detail plays a critical role in the success of your project. This process ensures that everything works together perfectly, like an orchestra playing in harmony. This preparation represents not just a day of shooting, but the beginning of the realization of your dreams.

Shooting Process photographer


5. Preparing the Product for Shooting

It is important to remember that a product must be prepared before it goes in front of the camera. This stage pays attention to the finest details of making the product perfect for the shot. Whether it's ironing a garment, polishing an appliance or organizing food, everything must reflect the perfection that will be captured by the camera.

Stylists, product managers and other team members examine every surface, every seam, every reflection of the product. No flaw should be missed, no detail should be overlooked. This stage allows the team to focus on the shoot as much as it prepares the product for the shoot.

Preparing the product for shooting is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a matter of quality and professionalism. As LUX Photo Video Production, we strive to present each product in the best way and show it in its most beautiful form. Because we know that this moment, where attention is hidden in the details, is the key to a perfect shot.


6. Set Preparation Process

When we arrive on set, everything must be as we imagined it, because this is where a dream will come true. The space is carefully organized; the walls, the floor, the furniture, everything is placed according to the requirements of your project. The lights are carefully adjusted to perfectly illuminate every corner of the stage. Make-up is applied, costumes are put on, scenes are prepared. Everything is ready for that moment, that perfect shot to begin. It's not just a location, it's a stage where your dream will come true. As the crew works together to capture the artistic vision, the camera captures this creative energy. Every movement, every smile, every look carries meaning. The set opens the doors of your dream world and invites you in. Together with you, we step into this world, carefully prepared in every detail.

Shooting Process photographer


7. Time to shoot!

When the day of the shoot arrives, everything is in motion. The camera is ready, the model is in position. Everyone is exactly where they should be and everything works in harmony. The photographer finds the best angle; the lighting people make sure everything looks perfect; the make-up artist prepares the model. Everyone works as a team. Every movement, every moment is organized like a dance. This moment is not just about taking a picture or a video. It is the realization of an idea, the realization of a dream. Everyone is part of this dream and everyone works together to realize it. This is a special moment of creativity, of labor, and of a team coming together.

Shooting Process photographer


8. Image Selection Process

At this stage, the best photos and videos are selected from all those taken. This is essential to improve the overall quality of the content.


9. Post-Production Process

Once the shoot is complete and the photos are selected, all the visuals are entrusted to the talented hands of the post-production team. They correct the colors, add effects, and put it all together to create a story. It's a magical moment when the photos and videos come to life and come to life. In the image below you can see our before and after retouch photos. This explains the importance of retouching quite well.

Shooting Process photographer


10. Approval Process

We send the edited photos to the customer. We get feedback and make adjustments if necessary. The customer's satisfaction is the reward for all this effort.


11. Delivery Process

The final product is ready and delivered to the customer. The completion of a project is a sign of a new beginning.


And so, a shooting process is completed. Each step is a preparation for the next; each stage is a process that affects the next. As LUX Photography Video Production, we redo this journey every time, and we have a new experience in every project. Every shoot is a harbinger of the next one, every client is a key that opens the door to the next one. See you at the shootings.