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How to Make a Jewelry Photo Shoot? Dazzle with the Subtleties!

Jewelry photography is one of the most specialized and demanding branches of product photography. Have you ever wondered why jewelry looks more glamorous and sparkling in catalogs and advertisements than in real life? Have you ever wondered why your diamond ring doesn't shine as you expect in the photos you take? Photographing a ring is tricky because it is both a small product and a shiny product.

Taking jewelry photos requires understanding the basic principles of photography, such as sharpness, lighting and exposure, and learning how to use them in different situations. But don't worry, if you have experience using your digital camera in manual mode, you can start taking impressive jewelry photos with the following tips.

Jewelry photography is a very specific and meticulous field in the world of e-commerce. Gold photos, ring photos, diamond photos, bracelet photos and many other types of jewelry need to be captured and presented in the right way to attract the customer's attention and encourage them to buy. Here are some professional tips and techniques to understand how to do a jewelry photo shoot.

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For a jewelry shoot, clean the jewelry first

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The first step to taking beautiful jewelry photos is to make sure things are clean and polished. What is invisible to the naked eye can show up in the highly detailed images you take with your digital camera.

You can wipe your jewelry clean with a soft, damp microfiber cloth before shooting and use a small air pump to get rid of the smallest specks of dust and add shine to your jewelry. You can also wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints every time you handle your jewelry.

Always Use a Macro Lens for Jewelry Photography

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Often the most important piece of equipment needed for jewelry photography is a macro lens. When shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, compatible macro lenses allow you to get the most amazing images beyond life size, showing the details or craftsmanship of the jewelry in the best possible way to the customers, which is why they are not very affordable.

One of the things to consider when choosing a macro lens for jewelry photography is the focal length. If you have a narrow-angle, long-focus lens, you can shoot from a more comfortable distance without having to get too close to the product. Shooting jewelry is often done using macro lenses. This is necessary to capture the details of small objects up close if you want to take photos of earrings or rings. The simplest answer to the question of how to photograph jewelry is to use the right equipment and lighting and be patient.

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Keep the photo simple

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The best way to highlight the full splendor of a piece of jewelry is to photograph it on its own. This is an approach to keep in mind, especially for pieces that are already very glamorous in terms of colors, sparkles and design. Instead of cluttering the shot with other jewelry or a background that might distract the eye, you can get better results than you could ever hope for with a minimalist setting.

Try placing the jewelry on a wooden table, a plain white or reflective surface, or zoom in on the most beautiful details you can highlight and blur the background using an open aperture.

Stabilize your camera

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The best way to ensure that your photos come out sharp is to use a tripod and a remote control. Anyone who is a professional jewelry photographer knows this. Not only will this eliminate camera shake, but you'll also ensure that your subjects stay in the same frame, making it easier to experiment with factors like adjusting your focus and changing your lighting. When buying a tripod for jewelry photography, look for L-type tripods so you can shoot from higher angles.

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Take care to stay focused

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The goal is always to highlight the real star of your jewelry, for example the rhinestones of a bracelet. On these you are likely to use only Autofocus. However, close-ups can have focusing issues, so you need to make sure by examining the image after you take it and zooming in. If the focus location is not right, refocus, verify and lock.

Before you finish shooting professional jewelry, make sure you get shots where the jewelry piece as a whole is in focus. This may sound impossible with wide depth of field, but it can be achieved with focus stacking. This technique allows you to take several separate shots for each piece of your jewelry with a clear and sharp focus. Editing results in a final image with everything in focus. If you want to learn Adobe Photoshop, the best editing program, and its spin-off Adobe Lightroom in detail, you can take advantage of our 15 years of experience in our workshop private photography lesson you can get it.

Choose the right white balance

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make when taking the most beautiful jewelry photos is not being aware of your white balance settings. It is very important to capture the right colors when shooting jewelry for documentation and sales. We don't want your silver rings to look like gold!

Manually adjust the camera's white balance until the jewelry in your photos looks like it does in real life. You can try using a gray card to correct the white balance for your current lighting conditions, or shoot in RAW format to easily adjust the white balance during editing without compromising image quality.

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Change your lighting

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Even for jewelry, many photographers recommend using natural light. However, for a more professional result you will want to use off-camera flashes to create a more controlled lighting scheme.

Whatever you decide to use, the important thing is to eliminate shadow as much as possible and create soft, even lighting.

You can further improve your lighting installation by making the most of your existing light sources, such as reflectors or light boxes.

Finally, don't forget to turn off all other unnecessary light sources in the room and don't include different types of lighting that can produce different color temperatures.

Manage reflections

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Gemstones and metals are highly reflective, so you are likely to see yourself (and your camera) reflected in the jewelry, which is something we definitely don't want.

When it comes to jewelry, eliminating reflections is a process of trial and error. Putting a piece of paper around your lens with the center cut in a round shape can help block reflections and reflect more light onto your object.

As an even better DIY setup, we will teach you how to take photos of jewelry on a white background: Place white paper behind and under the jewelry. And then photograph your jewelry by bouncing light off the ceiling to provide enough lighting without creating reflective spots.

When photographing real diamonds or gold, it is important to ensure that the light is reflected correctly. Gemstones and metals reflect light, so the right lighting ensures that the jewelry is displayed correctly.

Necklace photography and necklace shooting is another important aspect of jewelry shoots. When photographing a necklace, both wide shots showing the entire necklace and close-ups focusing on the details of the necklace should be taken.

Contrasting colors

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You can create contrast by placing your jewelry on interesting and colorful surfaces to create strong and attractive images.

Using a single color or several shades of the same color in the background will allow your elements to stand out instantly. When using color tones, try to keep them to a minimum and avoid using too many shades that can distract your audience from your main subject.

Take care of your decor

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Of course, there's nothing wrong with bringing your style to your work and striving for more creative results. In jewelry photography, you can enrich your shot with endless additions. But keep in mind that placing too many elements in the frame can distract from focusing on the beauty of the jewelry.

As a general rule in photography, keep it simple and pay attention to how the background, colors and other elements interact with your subject. Variables other than the product should always be chosen to complement and highlight the jewelry, as seen in the photo above.

First of all, the choice of background for the jewelry shoot is vital. A white or black background is usually used, as these colors are perfect for showcasing the natural luster of gold, silver or gemstones at their best. But adding texture and color as decor for a jewelry photo shoot can also add to the appeal. For example, shooting a ring surrounded by flowers or a bracelet on natural wood can enhance the appeal of the product.

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As a result, with the right equipment, lighting and composition, a jewelry photoshoot can produce highly impressive and sales-boosting results. Jewelry photoshoots show potential customers the true beauty and value of jewelry and thus positively influence their purchasing decision. Therefore, the services of a professional jewelry photographer can be an invaluable investment for e-commerce businesses.

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