Corporate Photography Courses

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Add value to your employees!

Burak Bulut Yıldırım's in-person or online Corporate Photography Courses offer your company's team a creative experience where they will have fun and renew themselves.

What do we do for your employees?

In-house Photography Training References

Burak Bulut organizes photography courses at LUX Photo Video Production. In addition to giving personal courses to more than 6000 people, he organized many trainings and trips for the hobby clubs of institutions, companies in their own offices and workshops.

  • Turkcell (2008 various photography services, 2013-2015-2016-2017 Basic and Advanced Photography Courses)
  • Mavi Jeans (2016 Advanced Photography Training)
  • Henkel (2016 Basic and Advanced Photography Course)
  • Cyprus Ministry of National Education (Light Lessons for Photography and Graphics Teachers)
  • Ikea (2014 Photography Course for Senior Management)
  • Koç Sistem (2013-2015 Basic and Advanced Photography Course)
  • Fibabank (2015 Basic Photography Course)
  • Türk Telekom (2010 Basic Photography Course)
  • Maltepe Municipality (2008 Basic and Advanced Photography Course, Photography Competition and Exhibition)
  • Çayırova Municipality (2013 Photography Course, Photography Competition and Exhibition)
  • Stalls (Instagram and Mobile Photography - 2017-2018-2019)
  • Stalls (Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Photography 2018-2019)
  • Space Real Estate (2017 Real Estate Photography Photo Course)
  • Aktif Bank (Instagram Photography Course - 2017)
  • Hayat Asset Management (Basic Photography Workshop - 2017)
  • ITU Arı Teknokent (Basic and Advanced Photography Workshops)
  • Sabancı University (Instagram and Mobile Photography Workshop for faculty and staff)
  • Pandora Jewelry (Visual Perception Workshop with Loom Makers)
  • İşbank (Light Painting Workshop - 2022)
  • Microsoft (Mobile Photography Workshop - 2022)