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Industry - Production Facility Photo Shoots

You have many options such as aerial shooting with a drone, coming with a large team and completing my photo and video shootings on the same day, taking employee photos with your senior management group or your entire team while you are at your factory. 

Industrial photography is an art form that is often overlooked but offers a vital insight into various sectors of the business world. This type of photography documents industrial processes, production lines and workers, usually through factory shots, industrial stills and factory films. Industrial photography can be an invaluable tool for understanding a company's production processes, products and services. In this blog post, we will explore the value of industrial photography, its process and how it can be used effectively.

Industrial photography documents a company's business processes, equipment and workforce. This type of shooting is usually realized in the form of factory shots and industrial photos. Factory photography usually shows the production processes, equipment and workforce of a business. Industrial photography usually documents large-scale industrial facilities, machinery and industrial landscapes.

Factory film or industrial filming is often used to document the workings and processes of a factory. This type of film shows a company's production processes, workforce and products in a vivid and dynamic way. Factory films are often used for training materials, promotional videos and company presentations.

Another face of industrial photography is the photo factory. This refers to a large, private studio where professional photographers and video producers can carry out their shoots. Photo factories provide a flexible space for many different types of shoots, with a variety of set designs, lighting options and shooting equipment.

Industrial photography is a powerful way to tell the story of a business. Well-taken factory photos and films tell the story of a business' value proposition, work ethic and production processes. In addition, industrial photography makes a valuable contribution to a business' marketing and public relations strategies.

In conclusion, industrial photography is an invaluable tool for telling the story of a business. This type of shoot shows a company's business processes, products and workforce in a vivid and realistic way. Well-shot industrial photos and films reinforce a business's brand identity and make a valuable contribution to public relations strategies

Types of Industrial Photography

If your company is in an industry such as manufacturing, technology, energy or construction, it's crucial to have quality photos that grab your audience's attention and leave a lasting impression. If you use low-resolution images or turn to stock photography that was not created specifically for you, your marketing campaigns will fail and look amateurish. In this article, there are 4 types of professional industrial photo shoots that will improve the quality of your company. We have provided information about them below. We recommend hiring a professional photographer with industrial photo shoot experience. Numerous industrial photo and video shootings we have done as LUX Photo Video Production our examples You can review it below.

1) Product Photography

Quality industrial photography is one of the most important areas your business can invest in. Whether you manufacture small products or large complex systems, you want photos that look good for your products. Potential customers look at photos at various points of sale, including online sites, brochures and catalogs. Regardless of the medium in which the product is produced, getting an industrial photo shoot that shows the products well is a factor that depends on the quality of the photographer. 

2) Corporate Photography

If you want your business to look high quality, your professional personal photos need to be high quality too. Employee pictures need to be professional and consistent with your brand image. Headshots can be used for profile pictures if your employees are speaking at a conference, writing a white paper, have a bio on your website or join LinkedIn. Photos taken on vacation give a bad impression of your company's professionalism. Even if your work is not in an office environment, quality work portraits are important to highlight your company's attitude and skills. Professional photoshoots and executive photoshoots at your workplace are interesting for your clients and give them a better impression of what you do.

3)Architectural Photography

And don't forget your building! People's perception of your company is greatly influenced by the way your location is photographed. Our architectural photography ranges from exterior shots of production facilities to clean rooms, production areas and storage warehouses. 

4) Event Photography

Finally, event photography gives your customers an insight into how you work. Customers want to see your employees in action. It gives them comfort to see how you get the job done and that you care about your business, your products or services and ultimately your customers. Another benefit of event photography is that it eliminates downtime for your business. We come to you and take photos from the sidelines while your teams continue to work. This not only keeps you on the job, but also makes for great photos.

Industrial Shooting / Factory Promotional Movie Details

Most of the time, industrial photography shows people building things and making things. The goal of industrial photography is to capture the production process and the laborious work performed by workers. Every large industrial company needs photos of their operations, and as technology and automation continue to improve, the need for these images will only grow.

Tüketiciler ayrıca satın aldıkları bir ürünün üretim süreçlerinin sosyal, sağlık, çevresel ve güvenlik etkileriyle de giderek daha fazla ilgilenmeye başlıyor ve %70’i bu endişelerin satın alma karar verme süreçlerinde etkili olduğunu söylüyor. Ve %78’i bir şirketin çalışanlarına nasıl davrandığını, güvenilirlik seviyesinin en iyi göstergelerinden biri olduğuna inanıyor. Bu nedenle, iş yerinin endüstriyel fotoğraf çekimi ve endüstriyel tanıtım filmi yaptırarak müşterilerin sizi doğru bir şekilde tanımasına yardımcı olursunuz. 

A fully equipped photo studio, dazzling lights, you and the camera behind the lens Our team of talented photographers in Istanbul! How about a great professional industrial shoot?

The cameras used in our workshop are the best and newest cameras in the world. For 2022, we have three cameras with 61 megapixels, 42.4 megapixels and 36 megapixels ready to be used in our shoots. And the lenses and lenses we use are of course the best in their class. Of course, one of the things that a good industrial photo shoot and factory promotional film requires is the use of good lighting. Under the supervision of Burak Bulut, our photographers use state-of-the-art paraflashes, continuous lights and numerous light shapers to shoot factory photos. Finally, in order to ensure that the colors of the photographs are delivered correctly, we use a color calibration system and digital editing on the appropriate monitors and deliver them on the date we discussed with you.

You can review the industrial photography and Factory Promotional Film examples we have carefully shot below, review them and get an offer from us now! Other professional photo shoot our samples are here. If you want to follow all our product shots instantly InstagramYou can follow us on 'Follow us!