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Increase your sales by having product shoots with photomodels. With our 18 years of photography team, 5 cameras, 20 lights and our support for styling, hairdressers, make-up artists, assistants and models for product shoots, we can easily organize the whole production.

Don't underestimate the power of a compelling photo. A modeled product shoot is a vital strategy for presenting your products to potential customers. So much so that investments made by considering photo shoot fees and modeling product shoot prices turn out to be profitable for businesses.


1. Introduction to Modeled Product Shooting

A mannequin product shoot is a photo shoot where a model highlights your product by using or wearing it. The use of mannequins or clothing models for clothing shoots is very popular, especially in the fashion industry. However, this practice applies to a variety of industries and product categories. A model photo shoot is an excellent way to show how your products fit or are used by the customer.

2. Model Photo Shoot Prices

Prices for a product shoot with a model depend on several different factors. Factors include the experience of the model, the duration of the shoot, the photographer's fee and the equipment used. Model prices for a catalog shoot usually depend on the model's experience and the duration of the shoot. Daily mannequin prices or modeling prices should be another important factor to consider when researching.


3. Professional Product Shooting

Professional product shooting is usually carried out in a studio setting, using high quality photographic equipment. A shooting table, the right lighting and a professional photographer ensure that your products are presented in the best possible light.

4. Model Search

If you say "I am looking for models for a photo shoot", you have a number of options. You can work with catalog models, photo models or foreign model photos. Photo modeling or photomodeling services can showcase your products in an attractive and professional way. Remember that using a model mannequin or photo mannequin gives a more realistic idea of how your product will look or how it will be used.


A mannequin photo shoot is an effective way to present your products to potential customers. Keep in mind that investing in ad shoot prices and mannequin photoshoot prices can increase your conversion rates by showcasing your products perfectly. Product photoshoot prices and mannequin photos are an integral part of a successful online sales strategy.

The focus should always be on the product, not the model

For a modeled product shoot, the focus of any good product photo should be the product itself, not the model. Models can draw attention away from the product and distract from it, leading to undesirable results. For example, if the product you are advertising is something like a towel and all your product photos are with the model, you may be focusing more on the model than the product. You should have a good balance of not only photos of your product but also with a model. Model photos should be relevant to your product and not always show the whole person, but what you need to see, such as hands holding the item in some photos.

Product photos are of great importance in e-commerce sites where modeled shootings are often included. For professional product photo shoots to put on e-commerce sites Trendyol, Amazon Product Photography and Video Shooting pageyou can visit.


For modeled product shooting, the model must be suitable for your products

In a modeled product shoot, the model should be relevant and really meaningful to the product itself. It is also very important that your model dresses right for the job. If you are advertising fitness apparel, you probably don't want dark eye-catching makeup and painted nails. Models should look and dress like real people who will use your item for optimal success. The make-up artists and hairdressers we can arrange for your modeling shoots will do makeup and hair to match the style of the products.


Modeled Product Photography Prices

It is very normal to ask, if you use an experienced professional photographer team, cameras and lenses from the best in the world and countless studio equipment, how do we determine the prices of e-commerce product photo shoot with models, how much is the product photo shoot with models? We cannot give you a price without getting the details from you, if you contact us from the contact form below, we will determine your needs, how many angles there will be in your product shooting, what kind of background or background will be used, decor, photomodel needs, and give you the shooting time and cost as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day with all the details. with a written proposal we'll pass it on.


If you are looking for the cheapest place to do a model photo shoot, think twice about what will happen to you. We can say that our prices are affordable, since we shoot frequently, our prices are reasonable even compared to photographers who are inexperienced in the sector or who cannot use the right equipment :)

Our sample product shots other than the examples on this page Product Photography you can see on our page. About us Our Instagram accountyou can follow us and see our shots.

Examples of product shoots with models that we have shot with great effort are at the bottom of the page for you, check them out and get an offer from us now!




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