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What is product promotion video shooting?

A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product. Shooting a product demonstration video provides a creative and engaging look at how your product works in the real world and what kind of impact it has, increasing the rate at which customers return. By using narrative and metaphor, a product video can create a more lasting impression in the consumer's mind and leave them experiencing product features rather than explaining them.

Product promotion video shooting for e-Commerce and social media

Professional Product Promotion Video Shooting

It is possible to increase the sales of your products by having a professional product promotion video shoot. With 19 years of experience, we are at your service with our fully equipped photo studio and outdoor equipment. We shoot vertical product promotion videos in story format or horizontal product promotion videos in post format for e-commerce, social media, instagram sales, etc. We can shoot modeled product videos or product promotion videos with decor. Product Photography You can also see our photo shoots on our page. By working with us, you can get the product promotion video and product photo shoot content you need with the best lights, accurately and beautifully.

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360-degree product promotion video

It is psychologically easier for a person to buy a product when they see it from every angle than when they buy a product represented by one or a few photos. 360-degree product videos allow a customer to spend more time on your site and spend time watching videos of the products that make your online store soar. With our 360-degree product promo video service, you will have better sales!

360-degree photo shooting is on its way to becoming indispensable for e-commerce sales. Thanks to our rotating machine for 360 degree shooting, which is the only one in Turkey, which can carry your products up to 130 KilogramsWe can rotate your products of different sizes 360 degrees with the mouse cursor or prepare them in the form of automatic rotating video / gif for youtube - instagram.

Visuals that will increase your sales

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In today's digital age, the promotion of a product has a huge impact on customers' purchasing decisions. While product photo shoot prices depend on a variety of factors, as an alternative solution, product promotion video shoots allow brands to showcase their products in an impressive and dynamic way. So, how can we make a successful product promotion with professional video shooting? Here is a step-by-step guide to product promotion video.

1. Planning a Video Shoot: Shooting a video, especially a promotional film, requires good planning. The characteristics of the product, the target audience and the identity of the brand will shape your video concept and shooting plan. As an example of a product promotion, a promotional video for a sneaker might focus on the design, comfort and durability of the product.

2. Use of a Professional Videographer: The answer to the question of what is a videographer is, in short, a professional person or team specialized in video shooting. A professional videographer ensures a high-quality video shoot that will highlight the best aspects of your product and strengthen your brand's image.

3. 360 Degree Photo and Video: 360-degree photo shooting and 360-degree video shooting show your product from all angles, giving customers a detailed view. This is a great advantage, especially for e-commerce sites. By using a 360-degree photo program or 360-degree video program, you can enable customers to interact with your product in an interactive way.

4. Professional Video Shooting with Phone: Shooting professional video with a phone is a budget-friendly option. Today's smartphones have high-quality video capture capabilities, so with the right techniques, you can shoot professional-grade videos.

5. Making Product Promotional Film and Promotional Video: What is product promotion and how to make a promotional video? Product promotion is the process of showing the features, benefits and uses of a product. Making a promotional video is the most effective way to present this information in a fun and visual format.

Conclusion Product promotion video shooting is one of the most effective ways to make your products stand out in the market. With good planning, professional shooting and an engaging concept, you can showcase the best of your products and impress potential customers. Remember, promotional filming can be provided by many professional teams from Ankara to Istanbul, all over Turkey and even around the world. An impressive product video is the best way to tell the story of your products.

Why is Product Promotion Video Shooting Important?

The world of e-commerce is expanding every day. Consumers are increasingly abandoning traditional purchasing methods and turning to e-commerce platforms for all their shopping needs. If you have set up your e-commerce site, it becomes imperative that you use unique and rewarding techniques to drive high sales. Recently, product videos have emerged as a viable option to boost the performance of e-commerce sites. 

A good product video produced by a video production company not only makes people aware of your product, but also helps spread the core message behind your site. Not convinced yet? Here are 4 more reasons why product videos (shot by a corporate video production company) are important for your e-commerce startup.

1. Videos are a great source of entertainment. In this age of the internet, people consume more video-based content than audio-based or text-based. If your product video produced by a video production company is entertaining and engaging, it will find a receptive audience. Product videos are short, clear and a fun way for the public to understand your product description and how you work. If the quality of the video made by the corporate video production company is remarkable, then people will definitely be influenced to visit your site.

2. Product videos help answer the customer's most pressing questions. For a video production company, it is easy to make such a product video that not only helps with branding but also with curious customers. Customers who are just learning about the way you operate will benefit if there is an explainer video on the product of their choice. A product-oriented video asks questions about the purchase or refund, the quality associated with that product, the lifespan, and a bit more customer-related queries. In short, product movies produced by the video production company make the shopping experience seamless for consumers.

3. Increases conversion rates If your product video is premium quality, informative and entertaining, more viewers will be influenced to buy your products. The more views your video gets, the more customers will buy products from your store. This is because visual content has more recall value compared to textual content. For better conversation rates, it is recommended to seek the services of a corporate video production company.

4. Product videos are a good tool for online marketing Sharing the vision of your product with potential customers can be a difficult task. But you can avoid the hustle and bustle by utilizing a visually appealing product video made by a reputed video production company. Product videos are quite popular on social media platforms and can provide some much-needed publicity for your e-commerce venture. Now you understand how important custom product videos are for e-commerce platforms. One thing you need to look out for is that the product videos should be informative and of superior quality. They have the ability to increase your conversion rates and bring you new customers. It is therefore advisable to work with the best video production company or corporate video production company to produce product videos for your e-commerce venture. If you are looking for a video production company for your next product intro video, contact us. 

360 Degree Product Promotion Video Shooting

Shooting a 360-degree product promotion video provides many advantages for your online sales. One of the main advantages a potential buyer will have is the ability to inspect the product as if they had seen it in person. Consumers nowadays prefer flexibility in the way they shop (in-store and online), but they want to feel like they have seen the product they want to buy in person. And an online store with video content will quickly gain the trust and loyalty of customers, compared to a store that only uses photos and product descriptions. Here is an example of a 360-degree product demonstration below:

If you have an architectural structure for promotion, you can also consider Virtual Tour / VR shots. If you are thinking "How to Make Product Promotion?", leave your products in safe hands, we are here for shooting!

360 degree photo shoot prices

360-degree product photo shoot is something very distant and unfamiliar to customers, so there may be a lot of question marks in mind about prices. Thanks to our 360-degree product shooting stand, we can shoot as many of your products as you want, your sales will increase considerably thanks to very professional shots compared to 360-degree photo shooting on the phone. Our 360 degree photo shoot prices are quite affordable for these great shots. Our prices; Since it varies according to the number of products and the type of shooting, our offer changes according to the information you send us. We send our offer to your e-mail within maximum 1 business day. You can contact us immediately for 360 degree photo shoot!

How to shoot 360 degree photos? - How to shoot 360 degree video?

So, how do you do a 360-degree photo shoot? People visit your website, but they cannot physically experience your product. This is a fundamental disadvantage that your online store has against a physical store. Physical stores allow people to thoroughly inspect a product, they allow customers to see it from every angle. Product photos on your e-commerce site are not interactive and don't really allow your product to be examined from every possible angle.

360 Degree Shooting and Us

A good 360-degree photography almost eliminates the most important advantages of physical stores over your virtual store. And creating 360 photos for your products is quite simple: you just need a few photos of your product from different angles. But we can As LUX Photography and Video Production, we take 72 high-resolution photos and 360-degree video. If you wish, you can get these 72 photos for an additional fee. Thus, you will have both 360-degree product video and product photos from 72 different angles.

There is such a thing as a 360 degree photo making program, but photographers usually take 360 degree photos in a photo studio using a turntable, camera, tripod, lights and a white background. To achieve a pure white background, a white lightbox or product shooting tent can be used to help illuminate the subject evenly. However, some photographers use a white sheet of paper or white card as a background in case this flattens the image.

Turntables used for 360-degree photography usually rotate automatically. A product is placed in the center of the turntable and a camera mounted on a tripod takes pictures of the product as the turntable rotates. Some turntables pause the rotation each time a photo is taken, ensuring a sharp image. This is suitable for shooting a clearer 360 degree rotating product video.

Apart from 360-degree photography, if you want shots that show every part of your hotel or venue in the most beautiful way our hotel / architecture shooting pageyou can examine.

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Reels Encourages Purchase of Footage

According to survey data, videos have a positive impact on online purchase decisions and create brand loyalty. Based on the survey :

  • Tüketicilerin %73’ü bir ürünü veya hizmeti açıklayan videoları izledikten sonra satın almaya daha yatkın oluyor.
  • Tüketicilerin %96’sı online satın alma kararları verirken video işletim sisteminden yararlanıyor.
  • Tüketicilerin %71’i, şirketler tarafından oluşturulan video içeriğini izlemenin kendilerine marka hakkında olumlu bir izlenim verdiğini bildiriyor.