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With the rise of online shopping, shoe and bag photography has become vital to the success of fashion brands. Shoe photos and bag shoots help potential buyers to visually experience the products and make a purchase decision. Below you will find the best apps for shoe and bag shoots.

1. Shoe Photo Shoot

The photos should showcase all the details of both the shoe and the shoe leather, emphasizing the quality and style of the product. Shoe shooting poses offer a view of the shoe from different angles, allowing the customer to get a complete idea of the product. When photographing heels, side and back angles can be used to emphasize the height and shape of the heel.

2. Bag Photo Shoot

Bag photos should emphasize the size of the bag, the quality of the stitching and the details of the material. When taking bag photos, shooting from angles that can show the inside of the bag can help the customer learn about the capacity and internal structure of the bag. When bag shots are taken from various angles, the bag photo becomes more impressive and informative.

When taking product photos, the quality of the accessories used for the shoot is also important. Therefore, while keeping your budget under control, take care to choose the appropriate equipment for a good bag and shoes photo shoot. On the other hand, a belt photo shoot will add an extra dimension and depth to the persuasion with its wealth of accessories. Consider using a professional photographer to get your belt shot.

With these tips, you can improve the quality of your bag and shoe shots and increase customer interest in your products.

For e-commerce businesses that focus on products such as bags and shoes, it is very important that the product has a remarkable photo. Online buyers cannot touch the product and see it live because the products are displayed online, so bag and shoe photo shoots are very important. Whether it's a concept product photo shoot, a modeled shoot or a white background product shoot; bag photoshoot is everything for e-commerce. Here are the stages and shoe shooting poses we have compiled for bag and shoe photo shoot, which occupies an important place to be used in professional shoe shooting and bag shooting. The answers to questions such as "How to do a shoe photo shoot?" and "How to take a bag photo?" and "How to take a shoe photo?" are on this blog!

1- Preparing the bag for the shoot

The first tip is to first prepare the bag properly for the photo shoot. The bag should show all the details on it, such as design and texture, for this it is necessary to inflate it from the inside and give it a good shape that makes it look real. For this, before the bag and shoes photo shoot, it is necessary to fill the bag with foam or any material that gives the bag the appropriate shape. When doing this step, it is necessary to make sure that the handbag is not damaged, otherwise the damage will be visible in the photo. 

2- Highlighting the impressive part of the bag

This is a very interesting part of doing a bag and shoe photo shoot. People choose the bag that attracts them very well. For example, to shoot a handbag user, a photographer can show the attractive part of the handbag in the photo, like showing the brand part of a bag, chain part, side part, especially the inside of the bag. The inside of the bag can give a clear idea about the bag. Using all these shots will help customers to choose this handbag. The photographer can also use a model to show the attractive part of the handbag. 

3- Decorated bag and shoe photo shoot.

Every product needs to have a concept. Without a concept idea no one can buy any product or use any product. The concept idea is very important to have an idea about anything. Bags and shoes should also have a clear concept. So the photographer can take pictures to express the concept idea. You can think of a concept bag and shoes product photo shoot by showing the use and style of the bag.

4- Drawing attention to texture and pattern.

You will see different textures and patterns on all kinds of products. The textures and patterns of the products cannot be noticed in every bag and shoe photo shoot because it depends on the professionalism of the photographer. You can use this advantage with LUX Photo Video Production to make the texture and patterns of the bags visible. The photo you see below is a detail photo that draws attention to the texture we shot in our studio.

If you want to learn more about leather shoes and bags photo shoot, you can take a look at our blog: 6 Tips for Leather Shoes and Bags Photo Shoot

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