6 Tips for Leather Shoes and Bags Photo Shoot

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Leather Shoes and Bags Photo Shoot Tips

If there is a sector that is developing and growing day by day, it is definitely the world of e-commerce. In the past 10 years, online commerce has managed to take the world under its influence. The traditional shopping concept has gradually disappeared. Now people have started to shop from online stores and sites from their cell phones or computers. 

At this point, the visualization of the product gains importance. People have started to make decisions based on the visuals only, without touching them. Good and correctly photographed product images attract people's attention and this increases the sales of the products. One of the best-selling sectors in this modern e-commerce world is the clothing industry. Dresses, shoes, jackets, bags... And the leather versions of these create a whole new sector. Leather bags, leather shoes, leather wallets and even leather organizers are all the rage! But leather shoes and bags are harder to photograph than ordinary shoes and bags. Because they are shiny and textured, they reflect a lot of light inside. Therefore, leather shoes and bags should be photographed by a professional photographer.

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Let's go over the tips we have gained over years of experience together in this blog. Everything you need to know for e-commerce leather shoes, leather bags and more leather products photo shoots...  

How to Pull Leather Shoes and Bags? 

Choose a simple color, a minimal background. 

It is very important to choose the right background in all e-commerce leather products photo shoots, regardless of leather bags, shoes or jackets. Because leather products are complex, sparkling products on their own. Complex backgrounds, colors and backgrounds that are irrelevant to the product, throw leather products into the background and make the photo tiring. 

 In this case, white backgrounds are generally more appealing to consumers. However, simple but creative and unusual backdrops are also preferable - as long as the product and the environment are well-lit. 

Leather shoes, leather wallets, leather bags

Have the necessary equipment. 

Leather shoes, leather wallets and leather bags should be photographed in a studio equipped with all the necessary equipment. A high-resolution camera, different lenses, tripods and light sources are essential for this job. If the light is insufficient, reflectors will also come into play to ensure posing.

The equipment that everyone who wants to shoot leather shoes and bags should have is even more important for photographers who want to achieve a professional result. Especially for shooting leather shoes and bags, a high-resolution camera, suitable lenses, tripod and light sources are essential to achieve a successful result. In addition, reflectors can also be used during shooting in case of insufficient light to clearly see the details of products such as leather shoes and bags. The correct use of each equipment in product shooting and their harmonious work with each other will create professional photo shoots that will gain the trust of customers and help increase sales.

In short, in addition to the basic equipment mentioned above, it is important and necessary to have supporting equipment such as reflectors ready.

High resolution cameras are a must for leather goods photography! 

We've talked a lot about the importance of high resolution in product photography in other blogs. Photography from the blog you can find our other articles about photography- When shooting leather shoes, wallets and bags, it is very important to clearly see the structure, pattern, color, shape and fine details of the product. Such products can raise questions and arouse suspicion from customers. For example, "What exactly is the pattern of the leather shoe?", "This looks dark brown, but could it be black?", "This leather shoe looks very nice, but I am afraid to buy it online."

At this point, professional photographers with camera knowledge, high-resolution cameras and equipment will eliminate your customers' worries and help you increase your sales. The quality of the photos can affect the sale of the products and will help to reassure your customers.

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As LUX Photography and Video Production, we have been doing product photography for hundreds of customers since 2005. And we also carry out leather products photo shoots for many of our customers. @LUXproduksiyon You can check us out on our Instagram site.  

Prepare leather shoes, wallet and bag before the photo shoot. 

In product photography, one of the golden rules is to prepare leather shoes, wallets and bags, even all the products you will shoot before shooting. Dust should be removed from the products and attention should be paid to their cleanliness. Many leather shoes, wallets and bags should generally look shiny. This bright image should be ensured by cleaning the product. However, some leather jackets may also have designs that aim to look neglected and imperfect. Therefore, the desired image should be taken into consideration.

Choose the right light.

Another issue to be considered when photographing leather shoes, bags and leather wallets is choosing the right light. All the features such as the structure and pattern of the leather products we talk about a lot and the atmosphere to be captured should be taken into consideration and the light to be used should be decided according to the product.

1-Soft Light

Soft light is a type of light that is very often used in the photography and film industry. Soft light means a soft and gentle reflection of a strong light. This type of light makes the subject look natural, vibrant and balanced. Soft light is usually provided by specialized lighting equipment or can be filtered from natural sources, such as daylight from windows. The use of soft light can set the temperature, atmosphere and overall look of a shot and help you create an aesthetic image.

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At the same time, in this photograph, our photographer has made full use of the means at his disposal. He blended soft light with hard light and achieved a unique image. He captured the ambiance of the product and made you feel the details. 

2. Hard Light

Hard light is the most intense and clearest light source among the lights used in photography. Hard light is used to simulate a light source that is more intense than the natural light of the area being photographed. However, improper use of hard light will ruin the visual aesthetics of the photo and the photo may appear to contain areas that are too light or too dark. Therefore, the use of hard light should be done skillfully and carefully. Also, barrels or filters that adjust the intensity of the light will increase the level of control in the use of hard light.

Leather shoes, leather wallets, leather bags

Choose angles and take shots according to the variety of patterns and colors. 

Different and varied angles present them with details that they would examine and pay attention to if the product were in the customer's hands. As we said before, they cannot touch or feel the product. Photographs of the product taken with a mannequin will not be enough in this case.  

     – Front and Back Picture: Ürünün önden ve arkadan fotoğraflanması temel iki açıdır. Beyaz arka planda, ürünün %80 ‘ini oluşturduğu, önden ve arkadan birer fotoğrafıdır. Böylelikle müşteriler ürünün tam olarak nasıl göründüğünü anlayabilirler.  

    – Close-up: Close-ups of details such as logos, collars, zippers help to understand what the product is. It is not possible to see them in the previous photos. Therefore, these are indispensable shots. 

   – Pattern Drawing: The surface of leather products is structured and patterned. Using macro lenses, the surface of the leather can be shown clearly and sharply. 

These three different types of angles ensure that the customer has seen the product before it leaves. In this way, the question marks in their minds are answered and the doubt in them is eliminated. 

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