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As LUX Photography and Video Production, we have been carrying out professional shootings for 17 years. The secret of this stable and successful shooting process is to have a professional and understanding team in all processes from the beginning to the end of the shooting. We thought it would be good to present you sections from this process in which we crowned the professionalism of our team with the success of our work. Here below are the processes we went through with some of our dear customers...

LUX Production


As LUX Production, we started the shooting adventure of the jewelry company named ByEdaDoğan in 2021. We could not host him in our studio because he was conducting his business from England, but we easily communicated through video meetings, messaging and phone calls. We realized their shooting by sending their products by cargo.

We developed 6 different projects with Ms. Eda for her products. By creating mood boards, we understood the styles she wanted and we did various photo shoots with models, white backgrounds and decor. We also realized various video works such as stop motion, modeled video shooting, product video presentation with decor.

Below are the backstage photos of the jewelry shootings we did with Ms. Eda as LUX Production and the image of our photos in their accounts.


We met the lovely company Marapon in 2022 for a photo shoot of various household products. We had various meetings and meetings with Mr. Ali, the owner of the company, got to know each other and made completely different shoots for 3 different types of products (window film, microfiber cloth, adhesive paper). We rented houses and cars for the shootings.

As LUX Production, we carried out a great work in the background to reflect Marapon products in the best way. We searched for rental houses for shooting locations, planned shooting areas, poses and details. We made a detailed scan for model selection and determined the most suitable model for Mr. Ali.

After the shoot, everyone was satisfied with the result and we achieved a result that was worth the effort. The photos below contain information about our shooting process and results.


Ms. Sarah, founder of Artizara brand, has agreed to work with us in 2022. Ms. Sarah, who is of Pakistani origin, sells modest and business style textile products produced in Turkey in the US. During her busy work life, we organized photo and video shootings to promote her products.

For e-commerce shootings, we both rented a plateau and worked with our models, our make-up artist, our hairdresser and our team as LUX Production, and we shot with creative lights in our own studio and we had a pleasant process in both. The visuals that emerged as a result of the work we did at the request of Ms. Sarah were very pleased with both us and our customers and we are sure that their sales will be successful. Below are the backstage photos we took during the shoot, the resulting images and their placement on the site.


We can make such shootings for you too, and we can have such beautiful adventures together. It is very easy to reach us! Contact pagefrom the information in InstagramYou can contact us at .