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Amazon A+ content attraction

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a specialized listing method that aims to increase sales by showcasing products in an impressive and attractive way. This content aims to attract the attention of buyers by emphasizing the features and benefits of the products.

Amazon A+ Content includes:

  • High Quality Images: Eye-catching, high-resolution photographs showing details of the product and how it is used.
  • Videos: Short films that explain the product's functions and user experience and increase interaction.
  • Comparison Tables: Comparisons with similar products allow buyers to make an informed choice.
  • Additional Product Details: Persuasive and informative copy that explains the features, benefits and uniqueness of the product.

Combined, Amazon A+ Content supports buyer decision-making and increases your sales potential.


Sellers with registered brands on Amazon can use up to seven modules and a brand story in the A+ content to provide customers with a superior shopping experience and increase sales. These modules and the brand story are designed to showcase their products more effectively and increase brand awareness.

The brand story is a more expansive and compelling section than traditional A+ content that allows brands to tell about themselves and their mission in a way that aligns with customers' core values. It highlights the brand's identity, values and the unique experiences it offers to customers. Here is an example of a brand story;


The brand story is designed to be placed above the A+ content of each product in your catalog.

Amazon A+ Content is the new minimum viable effort for Amazon product listings when considering Amazon listing optimization.

The reason is this:

Imagine your own landing pages on your website.

You use high-quality images, videos, graphics and more to sell your product.

You do this because this type of content does the best job of selling your products.

Let's look at an example.

Amazon A+ Content Examples

At Amazon, the brand story aims to create an emotional connection with customers and win their support. The brand story also includes its relationship with stores, philanthropic activities that buyers care about, and the brand's credibility indicators.


In the case of Amazon A+ Content, the example brand effectively uses a 970 x 600 pixel "Standard Image Header with Text". In this image, the example brand makes the smart choice to let the images sell themselves instead of text. They do a remarkable job with the header, offering customers trust and social proof with their "As Soon On" badge.


The first module features images of a happy customer who resembles the target buyer persona. In this section, the example brand explains the simplicity and uniqueness of its processes, emphasizing the three key features that customers care most about.


The exemplar brand also does an impressive job of highlighting its philanthropic efforts, which are an important part of the decision-making process of modern customers. Competitor comparison tables are also a strength of A+ content. By using them in a horizontal and easy-to-understand format, the exemplary brand emphasizes the reliability of their coffee made in the USA and the features of each roast. This helps customers find the right product for them



The example brand concludes its content by directing customers to more products. However, given that most customers will not read long blocks of text in A+ content, it is important to use visual blocks to present products visually. Also, it is important to remember to use keywords in the alternative texts added to the images.

Below we will show you an amazon sale macro that we shot all the photos and videos for.

All of the photos below were taken and edited by LUX Photo Video Production.


Premium A+ Content

Premium A+ Content is definitely a standout feature on Amazon. Premium A+ Content includes videos with large screen space and interactive features, allowing brands to tell their story and explain the value of their products.

Who can use this content?

  1. 1P Sellers of Big Box Brands (First Party Amazon Sellers):
    • This group is also known as Amazon Suppliers and they sell through Vendor Central.
    • By being invited to the A+ Premium Program, these merchants have access to the premium features of A+ Content.
  1. Amazon Launchpad Member Startups:
    • New and innovative startups in the Amazon Launchpad program.
    • These startups are entitled to use Premium A+ Content.
  1. Brand Registered Amazon Sellers:
    • Each A+ Content project for each ASIN must include a Brand Story module.
    • They must have at least 15 approved A+ Content submissions in the last 12 months.
    • Branded Amazon Sellers who meet these criteria can also access Premium A+ Content.

How Much Does Amazon Premium A+ Content Cost?

  • Between $250,000 and $500,000 per year for 1P Amazon Suppliers.
  • Free for Startup Launchpad Sellers and Qualified Brand Registered Amazon Sellers.

These features appear in the "From Manufacturer" section on the Amazon product listing page.

Amazon Premium A+ Content Examples

The A+ Premium Example below does a great job of leveraging a lot of Amazon A+ Premium content to drive sales.





Using a combination of multiple modules that do the best job of capitalizing on a product's strengths and mitigating its weaknesses is the strategy you are after. However, who can create Amazon A+ content?

Amazon A+ Content Benefits:

  1. Amazon Listing Optimization: A+ İçeriği, listelemenizi satışları ve keşfedilebilirliği artırmak için optimize eder. Amazon’a göre, A+ İçeriği kullanan satıcılar, dönüşüm oranlarında %10’a kadar artış görebilirler.
  2. Boosting Amazon Reviews: Listings with Amazon A+ Content tend to receive more Amazon reviews.
  3. Amazon SEO: Not only does it increase your discoverability in Amazon searches, the alternative text associated with A+ Content images also helps improve Amazon listing discoverability on Google, outside of Amazon.
  4.  Increasing Sales: Research shows that 3 out of 5 consumers believe that visual information is more important than textual information when shopping online. Therefore, driving sales on Amazon using image-based information will lead to higher rankings in organic search and create success for your brand.

Amazon, A+ İçerik kullanmanın satışları %10 artırdığını belirtirken DataHawk tarafından yapılan bir araştırma, A+ İçerik kullanmamaktan %70 oranında A+ İçerik kullanmaya geçmenin satışları %210’a kadar artırabileceğini buldu.

With more than 98 million users on Amazon every month, consistently driving sales using A+ Content can help to propel your brand towards higher sales goals and greater success overall.


Photo Quality for Amazon A+ Content

Kaliteli ürün fotoğrafları, ayrıntıları aktarmak ve müşterileri cezbetmek için çok önemlidir. Etsy’nin alıcı anketleri, alışveriş yapanların %90’ının satın alma kararında fotoğraf kalitesinin “son derece önemli” veya “çok önemli” olduğunu söylediğini gösteriyor.

Good photos should have sharp focus, attractive colors and enough detail for customers to see exactly what they are buying. Make sure there is high enough brightness and contrast to make the product stand out from the background you are using.

Product photography is highly technical, so work with your photographer to make sure they understand your products and can help showcase them in the best light. If you don't have a suitable photographer, LUX Photo Video Production is here for you!  Our Instagram Accountyou can visit.


What are A+ Content Visual Dimensions?

  • Logo Image: 600 x 180 pixels
  • Image Caption with text: 970 x 600 pixels (Recommended)
  • Standard Image and Dark or Light Text Overlay: 970 x 300 pixels
  • Standard 3 Text Image: 300 x 300 pixels
  • Standard Single Left/Right Image: 300 x 300 pixels

With the information we have provided for Amazon A+ Content, if you still have questions, let's take a look at them!


Completely free of charge.

  • Brand Registered 3P Vendor Center Vendors. 
  • Brand Registered 1P Sellers.

After logging in to Amazon, you can use A+ Content if you have a trademark registration.

No, but you can use it in your Premium A+ Content.

Not yet, you can get help from ChatGPT for content ideas and share them with relevant professionals.

To LUX Photo Video Production, which has been shooting e-commerce for 17 years and understands what you wantyou can reach!