6 Tips for Taking Decorated Product Photos

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Thread decorated product photos style plays a very important role. How you choose your style can enhance and bring out the beauty of your product, but it can also draw attention away from it.

Having professional photos of your products is very important and we don't just say that because we have to. If you have spent a lot of time and effort to create a great product, why sell it less with a bad photo shoot? Customers want to see quality photos and you want to have affordable shots. Well-decorated product photos make you stand out and help your e-commerce site look more professional. Here are 6 tips for you to take decorated product photos with the photo taken by LUX Photo Video Production!

decorated product photo shoot

decorated product photos

1. Your brand

It's really important to think about your overall brand style and incorporate it into your styled product photography. What does your brand say about your business? What colors represent your brand? All of these factors can be incorporated into the props and backgrounds you use for your product shots, helping you to carry your brand across all the platforms you use to promote your products. If the product photos you take are far from your brand's style, you'll portray an indecisive and incomprehensible image. When taking your photos, make sure to use the colors and style you use to sell your products. For example, if you use the nobility of black in your brand, you can turn to photos taken with harsher light, or if you prefer the purity of white in your brand, you can use photos taken with cleaner, daylight-like lights.

decorated product photo shoot

2. Your Target Audience

You also need to think about who you want your products to appeal to. Are you selling a luxury product or something more budget-friendly? Are you targeting a certain age range or a group of people with a specific interest? Identifying your target audience is really important and this will help you create photos that will appeal to those people and result in more sales! This is also very important for Instagram product photography.

Decorated Product Shoot

3. Idea Board

After thinking about the two points above, you can create a mood board (Pinterest is very useful for this!) and start putting together reference images. This will help you decide on backgrounds, accessories and layouts for your images.

Even photographers can struggle to come up with ideas. You can find hundreds of products of the product you want to shoot on platforms like Pinterest. You can also easily find do-it-yourself videos for styling on such platforms. Looking at such videos and photographs develops your imagination and innovative perspective, and develops your mind to use different decors for the product you are going to shoot in photo shoots.

Decorated Product Shoot

4. Accessories

Choosing the right accessories for your photos can be difficult, but don't neglect to include items that help tell a story about your product. You can include some of the tools you used to create the item, or choose elements that emphasize the key features you want to attract your audience. Keep the color of the accessories in pastel shades or your brand colors to create a cohesive look in your decorated product photos. And don't forget about scale! In general, it's better to choose small accessories so that they don't distract attention from your product.

Take care to choose accessories in accordance with the content and usage area of the product. For example, in a lemon cologne shoot, putting a cut lemon next to the cologne will better explain the content of the product and beautify your photo.

decorated product

5. Background

The background you choose to use is just as important as the props. You can keep it really simple with colored papers or experiment with different textured surfaces like fabric, wood or wallpaper samples. As long as it doesn't distract attention from your product, the choice of background can really help you reflect what your product is all about. Avoid colors, crazy patterns or locations that don't match or clash with your product.

As with the choice of accessories, take care to make appropriate choices for the product in the choice of background. For example, in a leather wallet shot, putting wood in the background better describes the product. At the same time, make sure that the choice of background is in line with your brand's style. If you are a brand that wants to create a pure and clean impression, you should use white backgrounds, or if you use the nobility of black, you should choose darker backgrounds.

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6. Composition

One of the main things people struggle with when it comes to styling decorated product photos is creating a balanced composition. Try placing your product in the center of the composition (the Rule of Thirds says that the eye is naturally drawn to the area about 2/3 up from the bottom of the photo) and leave some space around it so it doesn't look crowded. Next, you can start adding your accessories - try placing them in the background and foreground of your shot (or if you're shooting straight on, try putting them in different places to see where they look best). Use accessories as leading lines to direct the eye to the product.

Decorated Product Shoot


By taking the time to develop the overall look of your product photos with decor other than a product shot on a white background, you can create a consistent look for your e-commerce site and marketing materials. This is a branding method in itself and will ensure that your site is recognized by your customers across all platforms.

If you're not confident when it comes to taking photos of products with decor, be a minimalist! Experiment with different things and see what works and what doesn't. You should also not be afraid to ask for help. In our opinion, a decorated product photo shoot should be a collaboration between you and your photographer. It's always great to have a different pair of eyes to help you out. They might suggest something you hadn't thought of before, and you might end up with some amazing photos that you couldn't have imagined.

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