16 Types of E-Commerce Product Shoots You Need to Know!

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Ecommerce product photography is like the wheels of a car - it moves the rest of the vehicle. E-commerce product shot photography is a core component of an e-commerce business, so everyone uses it and the default industry standards are high.

We have separated, classified, defined and illustrated the types of product photography for both e-commerce beginners and professionals. Some types of product photography are for everyday use, some are unique and can only be used in specific situations. This blog is for e-commerce enthusiasts who love to get to the bottom of e-commerce product photography and beat the competition with perfection. Get ready to learn the most accurate and beautiful photos for your e-commerce store sales.

In this blog all the photos you will see as LUX Photography Video Production we took it and under the species as examples for you to see. To view more examples and to get information about our shoots, contact us. you can reach.

16 Types of E-Commerce Product Shoots You Need to Know! prices

What is the impact of photography on online sales?

Ürün fotoğrafçılığı, e-ticaret sitenizde tüm satışlarınızı etkileyebilir. Bir araştırmaya göre; online satıcıların %90’ı, bir online satış için görüntü kalitesinin hayati bir faktör olduğunu düşünüyor.

What you need to do is simple: If you underestimate the power of ecommerce product traction, you could be stuck forever trying to figure out why no one is buying your products; if you pay due attention to ecommerce product traction, customers will return more often, the abandonment rate will drop.

Everyone new to e-commerce makes mistakes when it comes to e-commerce product shots - we're here to help you avoid them and learn what makes great e-commerce images. LUX Photography Video Production has been serving in the sector for 17 years and if you want to examine our work our websiteor visit Our Instagram accountyou can visit.

Types of product photography with examples

Below we have categorized the types of e-commerce product shots based on different factors:

According to the number of objects:

  • Individual product shot
  • Group product shoot

By size and dimensions:

  • Normal size product shot
  • Large product product shot
  • Detail / close-up / macro product shooting
  • Scale product shooting


  • Packaging product shot
  • 360 degree product shot

According to the accessories used:

  • Hanging product shot
  • Product shoot with mannequin
  • Flat lay / Simple studio shots
  • White background shots
  • Social media shoots

According to use:

  • Process photo shoot
  • Lifestyle product shoot

Let us now look at each of them in depth:

1) Single product photography

This is the type of e-commerce product shot where the products are shot individually, not as a group. If you want to show the product alone and your budget is more limited, you can choose an individual product shoot.

When to use it: For your e-commerce store, you can use this shot type for most of your products. It is used to reflect the product alone.

Product shooting prices for e-commerce

2) Group photography

When there is more than 1 product per shot, this is group photography. When budgeting for this type of image, the price of an e-commerce product shoot increases with each product in the shot.

When to use it: It is used to make more sales, to provide context, to show the whole collection, to emphasize style. Imagine when you buy something in a store and in a few days an email lands in your inbox with the items you bought positioned together with the perfect accessory to go with it. This is why you need group pictures.

makeup product shoot

3) Regular sized products

When the dimensions of your products are too small or too large, the shooting conditions naturally increase. It is easier if the product sizes are of a size that will not cause difficulties in terms of shooting. For example, it is easier to shoot products such as makeup and bags than a car.

decoration product photo shoot

4) Large products

Businesses like furniture, truck parts merchants, bicycle shops have a lot of extra concerns due to the fact that the products are very large. In terms of dimensions, many studios will start to qualify these products as large and charge an extra fee for shooting for objects exceeding 5 KG or 3 feet respectively.

Extra efforts and extra funds will apply to many stages of product photography for more voluminous objects:

  1. placing a man in the package for delivery
  2. delivery fee
  3. staff to unload
  4. photo studio features
  5. photographer trained to shoot large objects
  6. extra staff for moving and positioning a large object in the studio
  7. retouching and color
e-commerce product photo shoot

A favorite photo we took for MNG Technic in 2006

5) Detail photography/ Close-up photography

This is a type of photography that requires special settings for the camera and lighting to be able to zoom in on a part of the subject in order to capture only a detail of the entire item being photographed. Detail photography also builds customer trust. A smart e-commerce store owner will use close-up images to set realistic expectations regarding the level of quality and significantly reduce the return rate.

When to use it: Detail photography is often used on the product pages of an e-commerce store and in commercial shoots for social media. Close-up images in particular are widely used in jewelry product photography, antiques and vintage online stores. It is a great way to set adequate expectations of a customer regarding the condition of a used item.

shoe photo shoot

6) Scale Photography

It is a type of photography done by an e-commerce business to understand the size of an object. For example, even backpacks vary in size, so in order to understand the size, a person may need to show the size of the bag shown on their back or next to a phone and a notepad.

leather shoes bag shooting

7) Packaging shots

Yes, it may sound a bit exaggerated, but in this age of design-driven, visually saturated consumerism, even package shots matter. Unboxing on YouTube videos gets millions of hits. Businesses spend a lot of money designing and producing their unique branded packaging, so it's only natural to show the result of that investment in a shot.

etsy product shoot

When to use it: Use it if you have invested in or elaborated branded packaging. Use it if your packaging reflects the brand's identity. Use it if your packaging is too sweet. Use package photos if they have a protective function and can ensure that a customer's purchase reaches them safely.

8) 360 Degree Photography

For many sneaker brands, 360-degree images are provided. They resonate with the demanding and highly technical target audience of sneaker products. As shoes are everywhere, it is understandable that the technology is very similar from brand to brand, but it is the design that sets one brand apart from another.

360 degree photo shoot

When to use it: Use 360-degree photography if your e-commerce store features sneakers. Use it if you have enough memory to support heavy files without hurting fast loading. Use 360-degree images with all important products like accessories, jewelry, bags, belts - this is a customer's expectation and a different point in the high segment.

e-commerce product photo shoot

9) Hanging Product Shoot

Another type of shooting used by photographers is hanging products. This type of photography is great for giving an object a 3D effect.

When to use it: Use with unusually shaped objects that require extra depth and dimension, such as jewelry pieces, accessories, etc.

jewelry shoot

10) Product Photo Shoot with Mannequin

Another popular layout when it comes to product photography, mannequin images are great for clothing photography. The volume that comes with the mannequin allows the client to get a better idea of how a garment will look on the customer.

When to use it: You can use it for all basic collections and fashion pieces for textiles. You can also use it for products like jewelry.

ring photo shoot

 11) Flatlay / Simple Studio Shots

When it comes to professional product images, straight photography or just independent object shots are the most basic type of photography. The only requirement is that it must be done in a professionally equipped studio. For social media placement, they can be arranged as individual or group images against a white background, with freestanding objects or other props against a rainbow-colored background.

When to use it:  You can use it if you want to include professional photos in your e-commerce store

amazon video shooting

12) White Background Photography

The white background shot is the most basic type of studio photography, but it's also the most popular and effective. Most of the individual brands or product pages on Amazon will have these types of basic images in particular.

When to use it: Use it if you have an e-commerce store. Use it if you are trading on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

amazon product photo

13) Social Media Photo Shoot

As one of the newest and most creative forms of photography, social media product images have a huge social following. Instagram is the place to capture the best examples, learn new tricks and become a trendsetter.

The combinations seen on social media, the backgrounds, the graphic design, the models, the creatives, can be as varied and uncombinable as humanly imaginable. But this kind of photography has one task: to go viral. Your photos have to be cute enough or weird enough to go viral - to be liked and shared.

When to use it: if your e-commerce brand needs social media (and we bet it does)

16 Types of E-Commerce Product Shoots You Need to Know! prices

14) Process Photography

Process photography is a type of shooting where we photograph an object being made or used during its execution.

When to use it: Handmade is used extensively in the segment or in the beauty industry. If your items are handmade, give your customers a better idea of the handmade process by making pictures of the object being made.

industrial photo shoot prices

e-commerce product photo shoot

15) Decorated Product Shooting (Lifestyle / Stilllife)

You should think of a staged product shoot as a section in itself to boost your sales. This means images of your product as part of a life scene or in action. Lifestyle photos are most often shot with a model, but they can also be placed in a real-life-like context without one. Decorated photos are used a lot in e-commerce, all media and advertising and are very important for e-commerce product shots.

When to use it: If your brand is positioned above the average business, if you have fashion magazine ads, if you want to launch a collection.

examples of shots with decor

16) Photos with Information Graphic (Infographic)

Adding info graphics, text, logos to photos to give information about your products is a very nice technique and it is very useful to use in e-commerce product shooting. It makes the product better understood by customers.

When to use it: You can use this type of shot if you have a product that is highly technical and has many features. It also helps if your e-commerce business wants to get on the first page of Google rankings.

etsy photo shoot

Tips for an attention-grabbing E-Commerce Product Shoot

  1. Make sure you allocate enough budget for this marketing activity. No other action in a marketing plan provides as great a return on investment as product photography. Emphasize e-commerce product photography.
  2. Remember that you are competing with thousands of visual promotional materials that every human being is exposed to on a daily basis - the standards are high, make sure you meet them as a minimum requirement.
  3. Whenever possible, hire a professional e-commerce product shooting company that specializes in e-commerce imagery - although prices may seem high, results are a given due to experience in this field. As LUX Photo Video Production Company, we have been doing this job for 17 years. If you are thinking "How to do e-commerce photo shoot?", leave your products in good hands and e-commerce photo studio! To review our e-commerce product shooting examples and for e-commerce product shooting prices Click here.
  4. Combine different types of photos in your communication channels.
  5. Select the appropriate photo types for specific channels and purposes.

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