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Product Shooting For Istanbul, especially in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is a company that provides quality service with affordable product shooting prices all over Turkey. Product photographer you are in the right place.

And why us?

Burak Bulut, founder of LUX Photography Video Production, has trained more than 500 product photographers in 19 years. Now, about one third of the photographers you come across in your Google search are Burak Bulut's professional photographer students taking courses. We are proud of this :)

Lux Production Professional Product Photographers team is waiting for you in our photo studio to take product photos that will bring success in your e-commerce, Instagram or web sales. Product Photography You can contact us to get prices and you can review our samples on our website. We are trying to do our best to be the best product shooting agency that follows the latest technology and trends for our valued customers with our technical knowledge, hundreds of happy customers and hundreds of thousands of pounds of photo video equipment for product shooting.

Why Product Photography Matters?

Photography can also help strengthen your brand, communicate what you stand for and what your brand is all about. All this makes it easier for customers to buy your product. Of course, taking photos that represent your brand doesn't require a lot of professional equipment or a professional photographer, you can also shoot products at home, but these two things can provide all of these features and help reflect your brand in the best way. That's why we have been working for the best product photo shoot as LUX Photo Video Production for 19 years. How much is this product photo shoot? If you wondered, let's take you to our contact page immediately :)

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Professional Product Shooting and Us

As LUX Photo Video Production, we have both trained dozens of product photographers and made dozens of product photo shoots in 19 years. If you have spent some time on our website, you have noticed our experience in product photography with the army of professional photographers who attended our shootings and product photography workshops. You can take a look at our product photo shoots from the album below and get information about product photography prices from our WhatsApp line. If your purpose of being on this page is to learn how to do product photography Burak Bulut's Youtube channel and you can also improve yourself in product photography by attending workshops at the workshop.

In 17 years, we have shot for hundreds of companies and trained hundreds of product photographers. Expert team, best prices on these web pages!

Types of Product Photography

How to shoot a professional product shoot?

There are many more benefits of a product shot than just showing your potential customers what your product looks like. Well-thought-out photos can make your product easier to understand and help a customer see how it will fit into their life. Research has even found that vivid and detailed images of a product can increase a customer's psychological sense of ownership of that product.

Product photography has become more important with the rise of e-commerce and plays a big role in customers' preference for products. So what kind of shoot should you prefer?

1) White Background Photography

The white background product shot is a very basic type of photography because it is used to showcase the product on its own. Most e-commerce sites require white background photography as a priority to reflect the product. In e-commerce shootings, white background photography is of great importance in all products, especially textile products. The more beautiful your product shot on your e-commerce site, the better your sales will be!

Although it looks very easy, the truth is not, because the professionalism of the photographer is very important in order to set up the lighting system suitable for the product. For example, it is unprofessional to shoot a leather product without emphasizing the leather surface. We rely on the experience given to us by our white background photo shoots we have been doing for years, our shooting examples for us to shoot by examining you can reach.

2) Modeled Product Photography

Using models in product shoots is a common type of shoot because models are number one in reflecting the use and stance of the product. Especially in jewelry shoots, which we also do very often, models are used. Also, for example, in a wallet shoot, using a hand model to reflect the size of the wallet is very successful. Hair and make-up support is required to shoot with a model, but in shoots where only the model's hand, neck, etc. are visible, it may be more affordable in terms of shooting price, as make-up and hairdresser are not required.

In product photo shoots with models, apart from the product photographer being a professional, the model must also be professional unlike other product shoots. There are agencies we work with for the model. We offer you the choice of what kind of model you want for the models we shoot with. We agree on the shooting day and budget with the model that meets your criteria and realize our shooting. You can be with us during the product shooting if you want.

We can do model shootings in our studio or outdoors. We determine the location of the product shoot in line with your request and determine a common day suitable for both venue availability and model availability. As an outdoor shooting, we can choose outdoor locations such as parks, historical streets, or we can rent a house or a place as you wish. For example, if a vacuum cleaner is to be shot, a home environment is required for this. We can rent a house you want for the shooting day and shoot there.

We've been doing it for years modeled product shotsyou can examine. Catalog product shooting, jewelry product shoot, cosmetic product shoot If you want a modeled product shoot for your products and if you want to get information about modeled photo shoot prices, you can contact us. Communicationyou can switch to

Are the best product photos taken with a shooting tent?

If only it were that easy. In order to increase the sales of your product, its texture, detail, color and size should be reflected in the photo in the best way. About product photography with the Product Shooting Tent On Burak Bulut's Youtube channel you can watch the following video you can watch.

Product Photography and Video Shooting

Special Product Photography DErsi

In the fast-growing world of e-commerce, professional product photography has become an invaluable tool. Because visuals are the most powerful way to promote your products and brand to potential customers. However, this can be a complex process and product photography requires serious skill and experience. In this blog post, we'll cover everything from product photo shoot prices to professional product photo shoots.

A product photo is the most effective way to communicate the value and features of your product to the customer. However, for a high-quality product shot, it is not enough just to have a camera. You need to know the right lighting, a proper composition and a perfect arrangement to emphasize the best aspects of your product. This is where a professional product photographer comes in.

A professional product photographer will have the technical knowledge and experience to show your products in the best possible light. Product photography involves capturing the appeal and functionality of products in a way that engages potential buyers on the other side of the lens.

Prices for product shoots often depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the duration of the shoot, the equipment used, the editing process and the experience of the photographer. However, a good product shoot is an investment with a high return. Professionally shot product photos make customers consider buying your products and are therefore vital to the success of your e-commerce business.

E-commerce photography involves the use and editing of a camera specifically for product photography. In this process, a series of photos are taken that emphasize the appeal and features of each product. Customers often rely heavily on images of products when shopping online, so each product photo needs to be clear, attractive and informative.

As a result, professional product photography is indispensable in the world of e-commerce. High-quality product photos are the most effective way to present your products for sale and show customers the value of your products. Investing in product photography is an important step towards growing your brand and succeeding in e-commerce.

The place of professional product shooting in e-commerce

ABD’de yetişkinlerin %76’sı online alışveriş yapıyor. İşlerinizde müşterilerin daha fazlasını yakalamaya mı çalışıyorsunuz? Ürün çekiminin başarınız üzerinde etkisi tartışılmazdır. E-ticaret, coğrafi sınırlamalar olmaksızın daha geniş bir müşteri tabanına ulaşmanızı sağlar ama aynı zamanda insanları fiziksel olarak görmeden ürünlerinizi satın almaya ikna etmeniz gerekiyor. Sanal alışveriş, e-ticaret için ürün çekimini başarınız için çok önemli yapan şeydir. Kaliteli bir ürün çekimi olmadan, neden birileri ürünlerinizi satın alsın? Web sitenizdeki görseller, ürününüzü satma, markanızı oluşturma ve profesyonel, güvenilir bir şirket olarak kendinizi kanıtlama şansınızdır. Ürün çekiminiz yüzünden kendinizi düşük göstermek istemezsiniz. E-ticaret sitenizde net, profesyonel fotoğraflara sahip olmanın ve ürün çekiminin neden bu kadar önemli olduğunu anlamak için okumaya devam edin.  

  • If you use product photography in your advertising to reach as many customers as possible, visuals will help as they will resonate more than plain, textual ads. the importance of product photography has never been greater in an increasingly visual world. E-commerce product photography can be used across a variety of marketing platforms, including paid ads and social media profiles.
  • To properly sort and optimize photos for online sales, the photos you use in your e-commerce business need to be original. If a website provides unoriginal product photos, users may go to different pages showing the same products with no distinction between them. Sellers who strive for one-of-a-kind product shots differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • The store of your eCommerce business is your website. You can't welcome your consumers in person to convince them that you are an expert. Your website's graphics set the tone for visitors to form an opinion about your business. You can give your website a more professional look by avoiding common product photo mistakes. A professional product shot shows that you are serious about your business. Customers are more likely to buy from you if you confirm that you know how to run your business professionally in an eCommerce product shoot. This photo example below, which is an example of a product photo shoot with a mannequin, is an example of this.

Why product shots are so important for e-commerce?

Are you running your eCommerce efforts through an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay? Product photography is critical to your sales success because great photos can set you apart from your competitors. Since you are likely to be competing with hundreds of other sellers selling similar products on the same marketplace, differentiation is really important.

Today, most of the sales are made through online platforms. Due to this situation, instead of seeing and touching the products with live eyes, customers are now content with only seeing them on the screens of technological products such as phones, tablets and computers. In other words, the first important thing is no longer how the products actually look, but how they are reflected in product photography. This situation increases the importance of product shooting. It would be best for your sales to leave your products in professional hands to reflect your products in the best and most accurate way with photographs. It is our job to accurately reflect the texture, color and structure of the product because we have been shooting products with great dedication and effort for years. As LUX Photo Video Production, we shoot the product shots we make here you can see it by clicking here.

Although there are many photographers in the market for product photography, the important thing is to reflect the product in the most interesting way. You may be disappointed with the product shot made by a product photographer that you apply to shoot your products at low cost because it may affect your sales badly. If you are looking for a product photographer who can shoot a quality product in accordance with your wishes, you are in the right place :)

E-commerce product photography is very important for many reasons. For one, it allows online shoppers to get a complete and accurate picture of what they are going to spend their hard-earned money on. Unlike traditional stores where shoppers can touch, feel and get a 360-degree view of any product they are thinking of buying, the decision to buy online relies heavily on the product photos used.

Tüketicilerin %93’ü satın alma kararlarında görsellerin yani ürün çekiminin çok önemli olduğunu söylüyor. Yine de bu kadar önemli olmalarının tek nedeni bu değil. Mükemmel bir ürün çekimi aynı zamanda görsel SEO’ya da yardımcı olur. Yani bu arama motorlarının algoritmalarında giderek daha fazla odaklandığı bir şey. Başka bir deyişle, arama motorları için optimize edilmiş yüksek kaliteli fotoğrafların ilgili görsel aramalarda sıralama şansı çok daha yüksektir ve bu da ürün sayfalarınıza daha fazla girilmesini sağlar.

 There is a lot of diversity in product photography and it is very important to shoot product shots suitable for your product. You can browse our blog where we have compiled all the information about the types of product photography: Everything about e-commerce product shooting(

Top 3 Quality Factors for Product Photography

1 ) Product Photography Team

LUX Photography Video Production has been serving in the sector for 17 years and has been providing training on portrait photography, product photography, studio photography to professional photographers in the sector for 10 years. Our workshop is in Istanbul - Levent and our services are mostly in Istanbul. Professional Photographer Burak Bulut shares his experiences as Sony Imaging Turkey and Europe Brand Ambassador with photographers in the country through various presentations.

In our workshop, under the supervision of Burak Bulut, with an experience range of 4 to 17 years our photographers specialized in different types of shootingwill realize your products in the most beautiful way using the professional equipment in our workshop. If a photomodel is required in our shootings, we can hire local and foreign photomodels from the agencies we have contracted. We can also hire professional hairdressers, make-up artists and styling. Modeled product photo shoot You can see shooting examples on our page. If you want to see all our e-commerce photo shoot examples e-commerce photo shoot pageyou can visit.

2 ) 240 Megapixel Photo! Equipment We Use in Product Photography

We follow the technology very closely, as our work is also the training for it. We are now and always have been using the best and the world's newest cameras at the Burak Bulut Workshop. For 2022, we have three cameras with 61 megapixels, 42.4 megapixels and 36 megapixels ready for shooting. With the innovative technology Pixel Shift, we have the chance to shoot products that will be big prints, exactly 240 Megapixels.

Of course, we use best-in-class lenses for these cameras. Another important point for a good photo shoot is to pay attention to using good and correct lights. Under the consultancy of Burak Bulut, our product photographers use dozens of state-of-the-art continuous lights and paraflash, numerous light shapers to take photos that will reflect your product in the most accurate way. Finally, in order to deliver the product photos in the right color, we use a color calibration system and digital editing on appropriate monitors and deliver them to you on the promised date.

3 ) Product Photography Location

As you may have noticed at the top of the page, due to the pandemic, you can send your products to us by cargo without leaving your home or workplace. After taking product photos, we send your products back in the same way. Of course, if you wish, we would be very happy to see you in our workshop. If you want to have the product shooting not in our studio but in a place of your choice, we can realize our professional studio setup in the location you want. Our Photo and Video Studio is located in Levent, one of the central locations of Istanbul, 200 meters away from the M2 metro line levent station.

E-commerce product photography

E-Commerce product photography is powerful enough to make or break your business. What matters in e-commerce is how your products are photographed. The quality of the product photographer often determines whether or not someone will buy your product, so it's crucial to get it right. While online shopping has countless advantages, it's hard to replicate the in-store experience. That's why it's incredibly important to showcase your products in the most accurate and authentic way possible. To provide this experience, you can consider 360-degree product shooting for your products. As LUX Photo Video Production, you can review our 360-degree photo shoot examples, or contact us for great product photo shoots for your great products or for e-commerce product shooting prices. Communicationyou can switch to

360 degree photo & video shooting

Product photography has also changed a lot over the years. From the use of ghost mannequins to the rise of professional product photography, product images have evolved to suit our desires. Constant technological advancements have taught us to demand more. Whereas in the past we wanted color clarity and zoomed-in images, now we want product photography to be interactive, so we can understand the products seen online much better.

Nowadays, when purchasing a product, we are focusing more on more innovative features such as 360-degree product photography. 360-degree product photography using specialized equipment is a technique of capturing all angles of a product with a fixed background. The product rotates around an axis to show the entire product. With our 360-degree shooting platforms of different sizes that we specially brought from abroad, we are ready as a product photographer for shooting no matter what your product is!

Product Photo Shoot Prices - How much is a product photo shoot?

It's normal to think, if you use all this experienced team, the latest cameras and lenses, and countless studio equipment, how is the product photo shoot price and shoot determined? Before we send you product photo shoot prices, we first learn your needs, we learn details such as the number of angles for your product, background-ground information. Decorated product shot We do a style study with your directives, determine the photomodel needs and send you a written offer with all the details as soon as possible, usually within 1 business day.

If you are looking for the studio that will shoot the cheapest product, you may not be happy with the e-commerce product photo shoot results you will encounter. We can say that our product shoot is affordable, since we shoot frequently, our e-commerce product photo shoot prices are reasonable even compared to photographers who are inexperienced in the industry or do not know how to use the right equipment :)

Contact us for product photo shoot price and detailed information you can reach

We also do business person shootings and social media shootings. You can also contact us for Personal Photography Prices.

Examples of e-commerce photo shoots that we have carefully taken are on these three pages for you: Modeled Product PhotographyWhite Background - Decoupe Product ShotDecorated Product Shoot pages, take a look and get a quote from us now! If you are thinking about a product shoot other than these, our full portfolio is here: Our Portfolio