Rental Photo Studio

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Fully equipped daily rental photo studio for photo and video shootings

Shooting area, training area, waiting and resting area, kitchen area, dressing cabin, vanity table are waiting for you with affordable studio rental prices.

What is included in the Photo Studio for Rent? Paraflash and Led Total 22 LIGHTS INCLUDED IN PRICE!!!

  • Fully Equipped photo studio rental for 1-3 hours 5000 TL (after 3 hours plus 1000 TL per hour)
  • Daily(Max 9 hours) Rent Our Fully Equipped Studio 10000 TL/day (+VAT)
  • Tea and coffee are unlimited in our studio,
  • On behalf of photo studio for rent even if we say Youtube video shooting studiofor video works such as interviews, interviews, clip shootings etc. 10 paraflashesLed light with 9 softboxes, Godox S30 with full set for your creative work and the use of numerous accessories such as 220 cm Butterfly etc. included in the price.
  • **We can hire assistants, consultants, hairdressers, make-up artists upon request, please ask. The photos we took in this studio Professional Photography page for more information.
Constantly renewed accessories
  • 7 The Einstein™ E 640 Watt paraflashes:
    High-tech flashlights that can shoot 6 frames per second, give the same color temperature at all light powers, and change their power between 1/1 - 1/256
  • 3 Godox Paraflashes
  • 1 unit 500 Watt 5500K continuous light with softbox
  • 2 pcs 300 Watt 5500K continuous light with softbox
  • 4 pcs 150 Watt 5500K continuous light with softbox
  • 2 60 Watt 5500K continuous lights
  • 1pc RGB LED bar, 2pcs RGB LED mini box
  • 3 meters x 5 meters Corner backdrop
  • 3×3 meter giant butterfly for soft light
  • 2.75×11 meters green, blue, white, white, black, gray, red backgrounds
  • 2.75×6 meter beautifully patterned cloth background area
  • 180 cm softbox with octagon grid
  • 210 cm giant umbrella
  • four 70X100 softboxes
  • two 40×40 softboxes
  • 2 beautydish
  • Snoots, grids, honeycombs, reflectors, different sized stands and light stands, color gels, triggers, different colored background papers, hanging systems and many more studio accessories.

We are open 6 days a week except Sunday, you are welcome to drink our coffee. You can rent our rental photo studio hourly, daily, subscription system. Details below, call now for an appointment: 0532 674 05 89