Top 4 Types of E-Commerce Product Photography

There are several different types of e-commerce product photography. Not all product photo shoots are the same. There are jewelry photo shoots, clothing photo shoots, beauty products photo shoots, and many more e-commerce photo shoots. The thing is, not all photo shoots are the same. When it comes to shooting products, it should be noted that different products require different studio setups and lighting.

You cannot look at jewelry photography and clothing photography with the same lens. Both are very different in terms of lighting demand and the whole setup. For this reason, we wanted to prepare a blog about the different types and requirements of e-commerce product photography. As LUX Photo Video Production, to review our e-commerce product photography examples that we have been doing for years our website and Our Instagram accountyou can examine.

1. Jewelry Photo Shoot

If you are looking for a product photo shoot of your jewelry, you should have a professional photo shoot. The jewelry market is huge and very competitive. And most people prefer famous brands. One of the biggest reasons for this is visual appeal. It doesn't matter if your jewelry design is much better than your competitors. But if they can show the details of their products better than yours, you won't attract customers' attention. Therefore, jewelry photography should be done professionally.

Requirements for a jewelry photo shoot

Often the most important factors are using the right light to avoid glare and using the right white balance setting to show the right color of your jewelry. You definitely don't want your gold jewelry to look like silver in photos because you used the wrong white balance settings.

Moreover, only e-commerce product photography for your jewelry is not enough. You should get photo editing services to eliminate any clutter or mistakes in the photo and give it the finishing touch. It is also healthiest to use a macro lens to capture details in a picture and get the most out of your jewelry photo shoot.

2. Textile Photography

One of the biggest sectors in the e-commerce industry is apparel. The apparel industry is huge and there is so much competition that you can't even comprehend it. With so many brands out there, it's hard to stand out if your photos are of poor quality.

Imagine you go to a shopping website and see two pairs of pants. One pair is from company X and the other pair is from company Y. The photo from company X is of high quality. You can easily zoom in and see details in the fabric. Company Y puts up a picture of pants that look a bit similar to X's, while offering the same features. Which one will you choose? Not a difficult choice, is it? When it comes to choosing between two products with the same features, people prefer quality pictures that can give more information about the product. There is always a brand label, but this is when people start to trust your product as well as the brand.

There are certain requirements for clothing photo shoots. You need two things for an outfit photo shoot. Either you need a  model/mannequin  or you need a  ghost mannequin You need it.

When you hire a model, the goal is to show how the product looks when worn by a human being. Therefore, for an apparel photo shoot, you need a model or mannequin to help you depict how the product would look on a person.

However, models can be expensive for a product photoshoot that can take more than a few hours to complete. That's when you get help from the Ghost Mannequin editing technique. It's basically using a mannequin to showcase a product and then using photo editing to remove the mannequin. This way you can showcase the product without actually showing a model or mannequin.

3. Beauty Products Photo Shoot

What qualifies as a beauty product photo shoot? What sells lipstick or face wash? If you are a good observer, you would have noticed that when brands do a beauty product photo shoot, they not only capture the product but also a model wearing that beauty product. So whether it's lipstick, nail polish or any other beauty product, the photo shoot doesn't work in isolation.

So if you are going to do a beauty product photo shoot, make sure you have a face that will show the best results or a person who will use that product. This is the only way to convince your customers. They need to know how the product will look according to their skin type or skin color. A beauty product photo shoot also requires a professional photographer who can capture details and everything to support your business.

You can't click from a smartphone and say that the picture will get you a lot of attention. This is because professionals use high-end cameras and know what they are doing. Therefore, it is best to trust them with beauty product photo shoots. So, make sure you have everything you need to have beauty products photography.

4. Real Estate Photography

Product photography is not limited to small items or the things we wear. Product photography also involves real estate. If you want to showcase the inside of a property or showcase how the house looks from the outside, it is better to leave it to the professionals. A real estate photo shoot asks you to take every possible picture of a property so that potential clients can have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the property. Also, the product photoshoot rotating in the real situation should be very detailed and precise to avoid misleading anyone.

A real estate photo shoot asks you to make a list of things that need to be shot. Like 2 photos of the kitchen, 1 photo of the bedroom. Real Estate Photography is more or less like any other product photo shoot. In real estate photography you need to pay attention to lighting. While natural light is always best for taking photos, sometimes shooting in artificial light can be a necessity.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind when doing real estate photo shoots. If you want the best photos from outside the property, shoot during sunrise or sunset. You can also follow the real estate photography guide. Also, when shooting the outside of the house, try to keep the lights single for the best effect.

Similarly, when shooting indoors, make sure that doors and windows are open. This way, you can be sure that there is enough lighting inside the house for the photo shoot.