Product Photography Course

Easily take the most difficult product photos and increase sales

As you can see from his references, Burak Bulut has been working for corporate companies for about 15 years. product photo shoot He has also taught a special product photography course to many e-commerce site photographers and e-commerce company owners at LUX Photography Video Production for years. In this course, for the first time in Turkey, we aim to learn all the details of product photography from start to finish by shooting watch, jewelry, glass, food examples together.

More than 400 amateur and professional photographers who want to advance in the field of light participated in the Modeled Light Workshop, which we organized for the first time in Turkey 5 years ago and which has been imitated many times since then. In this 2016 product photography course, our aim is to increase the quality of product images in the photography industry and to support our professional photographer colleagues.

Product Photography Course Our lessons are held one day a week, on the same day and at the same time. Product Photography Course will continue to provide you with  Lightroom and Photoshop Course we recommend. To review our product shots our product shoot pageyou can visit.

What does this course promise?

LUX Photo Video Production For 15 years, he has taken the photography of many of his trainees, from amateur to professional, one step further. You too In our Facebook group You can ask thousands of trainees who have received training from our workshop. Product Photography Course With our program, you will learn how to use the quality of light, color, angle and how to read many technical and graphic values in order to photograph a product in professional quality. During the course, you will gain experience by working with Burak Bulut on the most problematic and difficult products.

product photography course


Everyone who takes a Product Photography Course from our workshop gets a 3-hour "Studio Usage Right" worth 300 TL to increase the practice of product shooting.

If you want to become a Professional Product Photographer

A full 14-hour program that brings together the topics you want to know is waiting for you. We have produced a course program where you will improve yourself in many aspects such as light, color, lens, background, point of view, etc. to make your product dazzling. From us product shooting course and we have had hundreds of trainees who have made a difference in the sector.

14 hours of product shots with the most difficult examples in the workshop and then staying in touch, let's overcome product shots together in the best way...

Product Shooting Photography Course