Professional Photographer and Video Shooting Services

LUX Photo Video Production

In 2005, our journey, which we started as Burak Bulut Photography Workshop, continues with the name LUX Photography Video Production and its giant staff. Our experienced art director, photographer and videographer team creates your sales-oriented visuals for your corporate needs.

Fashion Shoot

Fashion is a reflection of our way of expression. Your textiles deserve the best representation!

Cosmetics Shooting

If you want to make a difference in the world of beauty and cosmetics, we support you with the best cosmetic shoots!

Jewelry Shooting

If you need the perfect jewelry shots to dazzle your customers and highlight the charm of your jewelry, you are in the right place!

Amazon & Trendyol & Etsy Checkout

Selling your products on Amazon and Trendyol is now easier and more effective. We are here to shoot your products and impress your customers with our professional Amazon product shooting service.

LUX; Photographer and Videographer Team and Who Are We?

LUX Photography Video Production company in Istanbul provides services with fully equipped professional photographers and video shooting professionals, each with 4-17 years of experience in their field. With the advantage of being the leading photography course center in the sector for 13 years before, more than 1000 people, whose profession is to take photos, have received their training in our workshop LUX Photo Video Production company founder Professional photographer Burak Bulut and the large team of LUX Photography Video Production produce solutions in line with the visual needs of corporate companies with their knowledge and experience and attentive service. So, if you are looking for an experienced e-commerce photography and videography, you are in the right place :)

Photographer and Equipment

A fully equipped photo studio, dazzling lights and a team of professional photographers and videographers behind the viewfinder, each of whom is an expert in their field!

With our experienced and professional team, we also use the latest and world's best cameras in our workshop. For 2024, we have 3 61 megapixel and 2 42.4 megapixel high-tech cameras ready for our photography and video shootings. In addition, we use the best-in-class lenses. Of course, one of the requirements of a good professional photo shoot is to use good lights. Under the supervision of Burak Bulut, our best photographers use 10s of state-of-the-art paraflashes, continuous lights and countless light shapers to create professional product photography that brings out the best features of your product. Finally, in order to deliver the product photos in the right color, our photographer and retoucher team work together to digitally edit them with a color calibration system and appropriate monitors and deliver them to you on the promised date. Contact us for the best photos!

And we are very lucky to have a team that does their job devotedly and with love!