7 Tips for Professional Cosmetics Product Shooting

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Shooting cosmetic products in high quality and good lighting conditions; It is interesting to customers when shopping on e-commerce sites. For this reason, shooting cosmetic products in a professional way makes you look more professional and increases your sales.

By using the tips for shooting cosmetic products mentioned in this article, you can have a successful product shoot and increase your sales. All the cosmetic product photo and video shootings you will see in this blog post were realized by us as LUX Photo Video Production. Contact us to view more examples and get information about our shoots. you can reach. Now let's take a closer look at the tips...

1. Clean the Product Before You Start Shooting Cosmetics

The cleanliness of the product is very important in cosmetic product shooting. The appearance of the product is a decisive factor in attracting customers' attention and increasing sales. Dust, dirt or similar substances on the product may cause a misleading image of the quality of the product as a result of the shooting. For this reason, the product should be cleaned before shooting cosmetic products and care should be taken to ensure that it has a smooth appearance. A clean product image makes customers think that the product is up-to-date and of high quality, which helps to increase product sales.

So when shooting cosmetics, you should first make sure that you clean the product well. When you approach the product, you will be surprised at how much dust, dirt and fingerprints are on it. Dust particles or fingerprints that fall on the product will take a lot of time when you edit the image later. 

If you need to move the product during cosmetic product shooting, using gloves, a damp cloth and an air blower pump or similar tool will prevent new fingerprints and dust from forming on the product.

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2. Choose the Right Background

In cosmetic product shooting, the background is as important as the product. The background should fit the product and accurately convey the message of the composition. Remember, the right choice of background can emphasize the quality of your products, while a wrong choice can simplify it.

In general, monochrome backgrounds work best. For example, a standard white background is best suited for e-commerce sites. Different colors can evoke different feelings in your customers. Therefore, don't forget to try different color options.

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3. Use Gradient Lighting for Cosmetic Product Photography, Strain the Light

Whether you use natural light or studio flash, gradient lighting will help you in the best way. Because cosmetic products are usually shiny and reflective, this kind of gradient lighting will make a difference when taking cosmetic and makeup photos. 

Instead of using a softbox, which causes reflections when shooting cosmetics, use a diffuser to control reflections. The diffuser will soften and disperse reflections. For the impressive and professional cosmetic shots we do as LUX Photo Video Production Cosmetics & Personal Care & Health You can visit our page. 

7 Tips for Professional Cosmetic Product Shooting prices

4. Always Consider Depth of Field when Shooting Cosmetic Products

In product photography, it is often preferable to be able to see the entire product clearly and in focus. When shooting cosmetics, it can be difficult to keep the entire subject in focus, even when using the largest aperture. 

In these cases, you will need to use a technique known as focus stacking, which allows you to shoot a series of images with different focal points and then combine them in post-production. 

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5. Try Different Angles for Cosmetic Product Photography

Another important tip for shooting cosmetics is to shoot from as many angles as possible. If you keep shooting from one angle, the photos you get will all look the same and boring. You should have alternatives by taking photos from many different angles.

For example, if you angle your camera lower than the position of the product, it looks more imposing, eye-catching and bold. 

In addition, if you want to show the product from all angles 360 product photo shootni you can try.

For example, you can watch our cosmetic product shots from many different angles below, and for more YoutubeYou can follow us on


6. Introduce the Product with a Model

Make your brand more professional and show how your product looks and/or performs on the skin you may need a modeling photo shoot for the purpose. Modeling is very common in cosmetic product shoots and customers love this kind of imagery. 

Model photos should be relevant to your product and should not distract attention from the product. In such a case, it would be better to get professional support as the model will need to be directed.  

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7. The Last Step in Cosmetic Product Shooting: Retouch

You have shot the cosmetic product, the next stage is image processing. We call retouching all the processes where minor correction adjustments are made, such as removing dust and scratches, color adjustments.

You need to master some photo editing programs for retouching. But if you do not want to deal with this part of the work, you can reach people who specialize in retouching.

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