Birth Photography and Newborn Course

If you want to be a Birth Photographer, how will families find you?

If you want to have information about prenatal family interviews, delivery room conditions and many details, if you want to get a good education on this new path you want to enter and if you want to make birth photography a profession birth photography course just for you...

An unmissable course for those who want to improve themselves in birth photography. Other Photography Course and Photoshop Course You can also check our pages.

What does this course promise?

LUX Photo Video Production For 17 years, he has taken the photography of many of his trainees, from amateur to professional, one step further. You too In our Facebook group You can ask one-to-one to thousands of trainees who have received training from our workshop. Birth photography is a field of photography that has been developing and sought after in recent years within the scope of special day photography. You will be able to step into this new business field, which has special shooting techniques, equipment and preparations and requires expertise, with the rich content of our Birth Photography Course.