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Best Photography Course

Photography means light, you all know that. If you cannot manage light, you cannot progress in photography. Light and photography cannot be learned only by reading from books or watching on the internet. In our workshop photography courses full of programs that will teach you everything from scratch.

The answer to all your questions and more to more than 5000 trainees photography course given LUX Photo Video Production and experienced staff... In our workshop photography courses thousands of people chose their first DSLR camera with us, learned the basics of photography with us, practiced and traveled with us. For many of our trainees, photography has become a profession.

If you have just bought a new camera or are thinking of buying one, our workshop photography course price We are waiting for you to get up-to-date information on the subject and to learn the subtleties of taking better photos by receiving training.

If you want to develop in birth photography, which is one of the areas of great interest in photography Birth Photography and Newborn Course you can take a look at our program. Studio photography course for, Product Photography Course you can browse the links.

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First of all, your time is precious! Yes, it is, photography training You can easily find many resources on the subject and you can try to learn on your own, but this will cost you much more in terms of time and effort. Aside from verifying the accuracy of the information provided, first and foremost you need to know what to learn and in what order. With our experienced photography instructors who have spent many years and continuous time in the field of photography, you will both shorten your learning process and improve your photography more efficiently and quickly by accessing years of experience first hand. The time you would have spent sorting through thousands of information will be devoted to your creativity.

Real life is not as it is written in books and when you come across exceptions, you will learn what to do, the problems you will encounter while taking photos by discussing with our instructors and you will gain experience instantly. For more, you can review the opinions of more than 4000 of our proud photographer friends who have preferred our workshop, which has been serving in Taksim, Istanbul for 12 years.

Our photography courses You can examine their content in detail in our course programs. With these, no photography training You will reach a lot of information that is not in the program. You will be able to observe different areas of photography in our workshop, which is also a professional photography studio.

You will be part of a huge family by meeting our other instructors and fellow photographers that you will meet at our events and you will have first-hand access to their experiences. You will be able to learn the unknown or little known things of the world of photography (how to make a photo exhibition, how to make photography a profession, etc.) from our experienced instructors.

Depending on the photography training you choose from our photography course;

  • You will be able to pick up any camera and focus on your creativity without any hesitation and take pictures without fear.
  • You will understand light as the foundation of photography. You will quickly analyze what kind of light setup is required under what conditions and you will be equipped with the knowledge that will make that photograph the best.
  • If you want to turn photography into a profession, not only knowledge is not enough, you will also learn a lot of information about the field you choose, such as market conditions, competition, minimum equipment requirements, and tips to use while determining your road map.
  • You will be able to benefit from Burak Bulut's experience and mentorship along with what you need to do if you want to advance your photography in an artistic dimension, if you want to open your personal exhibitions.
  • You will be a part of the huge family of LUX Photo Video Production, which will constantly support you in your photography adventure.

Most preferred for 12 years photography course the most important reason why we exist is to fulfill our promises and ensure that our trainees really learn. For this reason photography education until you learn the parts of the program you don't understand or missed at no additional cost unlimited repetition rights There is.

In our photography course Some of the photography trainings we provide in different areas and contents contain certain prerequisites. For example, while there is no prerequisite for the Basic Photography Course, there is a prerequisite of being able to use the camera for our Modeled Light Workshop photography training in the studio.

You can find this information on the page of each of our photography trainings

Until the week of the practical shooting trip, participation with a camera is not required for the Basic Photoshop Course, Retouch - Photoshop in Fashion and Portrait Photography, Adobe Lightroom Course and Basic Video and Editing Training for Photographers.

If you are preparing to buy a new camera, you can easily make the right camera choice for you by taking advantage of the experience of our instructors. In addition, those who do not have a camera yet can use the 2 cameras in our workshop alternately.

Our photography courses are scheduled to start at the same time every week.
However, if the class times do not fit into your schedule, you can request a different program. Private Photography Lesson you can contact us to get in touch with us.

Many of Turkey's leading companies photographerWe think it is a sufficient reason that we are a huge family with more than 4000 photographer friends who have realized countless projects.

For more information about our workshop and our trainers, please see the article you can examine the views.

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