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For 20 years we have been shooting actor portraits! It's the first thing all actors and models do when they've made it big, professional headshot / cast photos is to have.

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🌟 You're in the Lead Role! - What is Headshot Shooting in Actor Portrait Photography? 🌟

What is a Headshot? A headshot is a type of portrait photography specifically designed for actors. These shots take the actor's face and expression as the focal point, highlighting their characteristic features and emotional expression. For casting agencies and directors, the first impression is very valuable and a headshot perfectly reflects this impression. A professional headshot emphasizes the actor's personality, style and acting potential, giving a boost to their career.

📸 You have the stage, you have the light! Remember, every photo tells a story and your story is important to us. A professional actor portrait is the key to a bright start to your career.

✨ Capture Your Character! Let us get to know you not only by your appearance, but also by the depths of your character. A look, a smile or a thoughtful expression... Every detail comes to life in our lens to tell your unique story.

🚀 Launch Pad for Your Career! A headshot is not just a photo, but an opportunity to make a splash in your acting career. Agencies, directors and producers want to see you at your best. Make a bright and unforgettable first impression by working with us!

💫 Technical Expertise & Artistic Touch! With state-of-the-art equipment and creative vision, we set the perfect scene for you. In every headshot, we take an artistic approach to highlight your uniqueness and professionalism.

🌈 We are waiting for you! Open a new chapter in actor portrait photography. Contact us and let's plan your headshot shoot that will take your career to a bright future!

Cast Headshot Photography Prices

I only want a headshot

  • 2 Photoshopped Final Photos. Color and Black and White Delivery
  • Additional final photos +150 TL/photo if requested
  • 1 You can be photographed in a dress
  • Delivery of 50+ Raw Photos

Headshot and full-length photos

2490TL ------- 90 MINUTES SHOOTING
  • 10 Photoshopped Final Photos. Color and Black and White Delivery
  • Additional final photos +150 TL/photo if requested
  • You can be photographed in 2-3 outfits
  • Delivery of 200+ Raw Photos

Headshot + Special Image Shoot

3490TL ------- 120 MINUTES SHOOTING
  • 15 Photoshopped Final Photos. Color and Black and White Delivery
  • Additional final photos +150 TL/photo if requested
  • You can be photographed in 3-4 outfits
  • Delivery of 300+ Raw Photos

***In our photography service, we deliver all raw photos in small size JPEG format. From these raw photos, we deliver the final photos of your choice in high resolution.

What comes to mind when you think of a photo shoot? Probably a group photo on vacation or photos with your significant other. But photography, especially at a professional level, involves much more. In this article, we will talk about headshots and casting photoshoots, which are an important part of actor photos.

The term "headshot" is often used by actors, models and other performing artists. A headshot is a portrait photograph, usually taken to include the head and shoulders, and usually emphasizes an actor's facial expression and personality. Headshots can be critical in the process of an actor or model being accepted by an agency or being selected for a role or job.

A casting photo shoot or casting study usually takes place during the casting process for a film, TV series or theater production. These photos are used to show the actor's ability to portray a particular character. Cast work is often referred to as an audition shoot or tryout and is also carried out during agency photo shoots.

Full-length photography techniques are used when taking full-length photographs of actors and models. A full-length photograph is a full-length image of a person, usually from the toes to the head. The points to be considered in full-length photography are the correct use of light, the background should be clear and simple, and the photograph should reflect the correct proportions of the person.

The price of a headshot photo usually varies depending on the duration of the shoot, the equipment used, the location of the shoot and other factors. However, the cost of having a professional headshot taken is usually high, as this is an important investment in an actor's career.

As a result, headshot and casting photo shoots play a huge role in an actor's success. Working with a professional photographer is important to capture the right expression and posture. If you are thinking of having a headshot or casting photo shoot, it is important to choose a photographer who can do this job professionally. But remember, the best headshot is the one that reflects your most natural and real self.

What is Headshot Shooting? When Taking a Headshot

Cast photo It should be completely unique to you, introduce you in the best way, and offer a wide variety of characters by acting as a fan. For an effective and accurate casting shoot, before the casting photo, find out from the casting agency you will apply to whether there is a special headshot shooting technique or detail they want. For example, some agencies may only want a headshot with a black background and black clothes, while others may only want a white background headshot.
If you can't get any details, leave yourself in the capable hands of our photographers, they will guide you with their superior headshot / cast photo shoot experience. Also, if you want photo shoots that will enliven your social media as an actor Artist & Influencer Shoots you can also think about it!

How to Take a Headshot Photo? How Does Headshot Shooting Start? 

We meet at our studio at the appointed time for our casting photo shoot. Come to the agency photo shoot by putting the clothes you want and we recommend in a suitcase. There are no restrictions, you can come with a big suitcase :) After choosing your outfits that may be suitable for the casting shoot together with your headshot photographer, we start the shoot with the first outfit.
By the way, we forgot to mention that we have make-up artist and hairdresser colleagues who we work with from time to time in casting shoots and who do very successful work. You can also get their help if you wish.


During Headshot Shooting

Yes, all the preparations are over, you are in front of the light and the lens for the shoot. Alas, even acting didn't seem this hard, did it? Don't worry, you will soon start to adapt to the shoot and yourself and start to strike great poses. Let's not forget that our headshot photographers are geniuses at this, the magic of mastery will rub off on you! If you want to read Google reviews about our photographers click

How and When Do I Receive My Photos at the End of the Cast Photo Shoot?

When the headshot shoot is finished, we will digitally deliver you all the raw photos. Then, when you tell us your choice of the number of photos specified in the package of your choice among these photos, we will meticulously prepare these photos with special photoshop and retouching works. Within 3-5 days from the date of selection, we will deliver your wonderful photos to you digitally in their original size and wish you success for your next path. May it be auspicious. For headshot shooting prices and headshot shooting appointment burakbulut.net/iletisim page or you can always contact us via instagram dm.

See you soon for a great headshot shoot that will attract the attention of casting agencies, goodbye. Heads

The Importance of Casting

Casting directors are often attracted to actors because of their looks, so it is important to have a quality, realistic portfolio that shows flexibility with a variety of expressions. It's essential for playing good roles - it helps you get noticed. Thom Hammond of Hammond & Cox Casting has this to say: "As an actor, all you have are casting photos, especially if you haven't met the casting director before." Your headshots need to look like you - they need to be realistic and reflect the person who will walk into the room for the audition. "There's no point in having a cast photo that's years old or retouched in a way that doesn't really represent you," says Frank Moiselle, another casting director. This reflects a 'less is more' stance when it comes to retouching; 

It is important to make actors feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whether they are on stage or behind an action camera, actors are usually the same as everyone else when it comes to having their casting photos taken. Casting photos and headshots in the application form for acting can help give direction to your acting career. 

Our team of photographers is always on the job when it comes to putting nervous people at ease; we listen to your needs, then take your time and work to get it right. We optimize your appearance and can help you look your best by giving you tips and tricks when you are in front of the camera. To get an agency photo shoot fee, i.e. headshot photo price, see the table at the top of the page and contact us immediately. Whatssapp lineYou can reach us at


Our Headshot PhotographersHeadshots of 600+ Actors in 15 Years
This is a very difficult shoot for actors. In a Cast - Headshot photo shoot, the photographer and the actor should be in constant communication. The actor should feel comfortable, the light and color should be very good in order to give the necessary expressions while taking the most accurate photos. If you want to leave yourself in safe hands for all these, we are here :)

We take Cast / Headshot photos in our studio six days a week