15 Food Photography Tips

food photography

15 Food Photography Tips for Mouthwatering Images

Food photography has become one of the most popular genres on social media. There is a saying that "food should appeal to the eye first and then to the stomach". Since sight is the first sensory criterion we use to make decisions about the food we eat, the visual appeal of food plays a big role in whether we want to eat it or not. This is why we unconsciously gravitate towards colorful, carefully prepared and plated food, and for the same reason food photography has become a popular trend.

Contrary to popular belief, taking seductive food photos is not easy. You need some skills to make your food look as appetizing and delicious in an odorless two-dimensional format as it does in real life. From preparing and plating the food, to choosing the right lighting, to the photoshop/editing you'll need to do afterwards, you may face challenges in many areas. If you want to overcome these challenges together, be sure to LUX Photo Video Production contact us for our trainings based on our 16 years of experience.