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All About Portrait Photography!

Portrait photography is one of the most popular and oldest types of photography, with the ability to tell a person's personality, mood and story. Whether you are looking for professionally taken photos of people or photos that can be taken at home...

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6 Tips for Leather Shoes and Bags Photo Shoot

Leather Shoes and Bags Photography Tips If there is one industry that is growing and developing day by day, it is definitely the world of e-commerce. In the past 10 years, online commerce has taken over the world...

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7 Tips for Professional Cosmetics Product Shooting

Shooting cosmetic products in high quality and good lighting conditions; It is interesting to customers when shopping on e-commerce sites. For this reason, shooting cosmetic products in a professional way will make you more...

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LUX Production - Our Customer Stories

As LUX Production, we started the shooting adventure of the jewelry company named ByEdaDoğan in 2021. We could not host her in our studio because she was running her business from England, but we could easily communicate through video meetings, messaging and phone calls.

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8 Essential Tips for Choosing a LinkedIn Profile Photo

In these times when even business life has moved to online platforms, LinkedIn has become a site that everyone uses frequently. The most effective element that makes you visible and stands out on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn profile photo...

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What are the E-Commerce Photo Features in the UK?

In order to best showcase your products in online sales, we have shared for you the measurements and specifications for e-commerce photo in the UK because online shopping is very important but what customers don't have in this case is...

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E-Commerce Photo Measure in America - What are the Features?

Nowadays, e-commerce is the favorite of all of us. Better sales in e-commerce We have compiled for you the measures and features for e-commerce photo in America because online shopping is very useful, but at a moment like this, customers cannot...