E-Commerce Photo Measurement in Turkey - What are the Features?

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The importance of visuals in the world of e-commerce is indisputable. The resolution, size and quality of photos are crucial to increase the sales rate of a product. In the process of uploading products to Trendyol and Hepsiburada, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Turkey, it is necessary to pay special attention to photo sizes and resolution settings.

All of the following shots, infographics, all of them were created by LUX Photo Video Production. 

The convenience and wide choice of online shopping has become a favorite of all of us. However, there is a challenge to this experience: Not being able to physically touch the products. This is where e-commerce photography in Turkey comes in. These photos reveal the authenticity and quality of the product, making your shopping experience safer and more satisfying. To help you get better results when it comes to e-commerce photography in Turkey, we have prepared this compilation for you. Here are the criteria and features to consider when taking e-commerce photos in Turkey:

1. Hepsiburada

Photo of e-commerce in Turkey

First, let's talk about adjusting the photo size. Trendyol photo size and Hepsiburada photo size should usually be at least 600*600 pixels. However, higher resolution photos show the details of your product better and give the customer more information about the product. Photo sizing is usually performed using photo editing software, and this setting is among the standard photo sizes.

Photo resolution is another important consideration. Photo resolution adjustment affects the clarity and quality of the photo. As for the question of how to make a 600 600 pixel photo, photo editing software usually has the option to adjust to a specific resolution. Changing image resolution is done in a similar way.

During the product upload process, Trendyol and Hepsiburada have a certain logo standard. For example, the Hepsiburada logo or Hepsiburada corporate images must be of a certain size and format. Similar standards apply to Trendyol corporate images. Therefore, it is important to comply with the platform's visual standards when uploading photos.

One of the most important sites for e-commerce photography in Turkey is Hepsiburada. Product images must be of a resolution and size suitable for Hepsiburada image standards. Here are Hepsiburada image dimensions and Hepsiburada image upload:

  • When writing the image file name, the photo extension must end in .jpg. For example: sweater.jpg
  • The minimum photo limit for a product is 1 and the maximum is 5. Uploading 5 products is not mandatory.
  • Product photo dimensions should be 1500×1500.
  • As with other e-commerce sites, the quality, zoomability and realism of the photos are important in Hepsiburada.

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Photo of e-commerce in Turkey

Trendyol is an e-commerce platform headquartered in Istanbul. Trendyol, which also owns the second-hand platform Dolap, is very popular today and is a favorite of all of us. For e-commerce Trendyol photo upload and Trendyol photo size adjustment in Turkey, we should pay attention to the following:

  • Regardless of the upload method, your images can be uploaded to a maximum of 5 MB file size, PNG or JPEG ,96 or 72 DPI format.
  • Select/Drag Image function, you can upload your images that comply with the specified standards directly to the system through this area. To upload images using this function, your image resolution must be at least  1200×1800 px.
  • If you are entering products with Excel, when uploading images, you should make sure that the image names of the product barcode will make your transactions easier.
  • If the product has more than one image, you should write barcode_1, barcode_2.
  • If you want to upload product photos from the image gallery, first upload your images Product>Image Gallery tab to upload them to the gallery. The resolution of the images you will upload to the image gallery should be at least 600×800 px should be.

'Trendyol photo size' is one of the most popular searches on Google Turkey. The reason why customers search for Trendyol photo size is that Trendyol photo size and resolution are important when uploading photos on e-commerce sites. We wanted to share Trendyol photo size and resolutions with you to make your work easier.

When adding products to Trendyol and Hepsiburada, it is necessary to pay attention to photo sizes, standard photo sizes and photo pixel sizes. Trendyol image size and Hepsiburada image sizes are set to optimize the user experience of both platforms and enable buyers to better view products.

When you're putting a product on Trendyol or uploading a product to Hepsiburada, make sure that all these photo sizes, resolutions and standards are met. Understanding e-commerce photo sizes and specifications in Turkey will help you market your products more effectively.

As LUX Photo Video Production, we have been shooting photos and videos for e-commerce for 17 years. For your products Trendyol, Amazon Product Photography and Video Shooting you can contact us immediately. In addition, if you have problems with photo pixel sizes when uploading photos to e-commerce sites such as Trendyol, we can adjust the photos you upload to the Trendyol image sizes you want. Because we know the standard photo sizes in e-commerce.

3. Amazon.com

Photo of e-commerce in Turkey

Amazon has fully entered the Turkish market in recent years. Like other countries in the world, it is also used in Turkey. Product photo size specifications and Amazon Photo sizes for e-commerce photo in Turkey: 

  • Amazon recommends using sizes larger than 1000 pixels on a single side.

  • Amazon's recommended minimum image size for the longest edge of the image is 500 pixels.

  • Amazon's recommended maximum image size for the longest edge of the image is 10,000 pixels. This gives a range of 500 pixels to 10,000 pixels for one side, which is very wide.

  • Amazon recommends using a 1:1 square image with dimensions of 2000 x 2000. With these optimized dimensions, Amazon allows maximum zoom or an aspect ratio of 5:1.

  • Image zoom capabilities start when the image is at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and 500 pixels on the shortest side.

  • The maximum file size for each image is 10mb.

  • You can use JPEG, TIFF or GIF files, but JPEG is the preferred and best Amazon image file format.

  • It is recommended to crop the photo well with limited white space to maximize the size of the product.

E-Commerce Photo Measurement in Turkey - What are the Features? photographer

4. N11

Photo of e-commerce in Turkey

n11.comN11.com is an open market e-commerce platform operating in Turkey and providing business-to-consumer sales services via the Internet. We all use N11.com for e-commerce photo sizes and N11 visual rules in Turkey:

  • When uploading images to N11.com, it accepts image sizes with a minimum of 166×166 pixels and a maximum image file size of 2 MB.
  • The name of the images in your image files must be the same as the name entered for the image in the excel column. Images from the Excel file must have a .jpg extension.
  • After that, select all the images and right-click "Add to archive" and click on the section. Then save your image files as a .zip file.
  • The title and subtitle of the product photo should be between 15-65 characters (including letters and spaces).

Similar photo and image standards apply to other popular e-commerce platforms such as Dolab and n11. When uploading products to dolab or n11, it is important to follow the photo resolution, size and format standards set by these platforms. These rules are usually detailed on the platform's help or support pages.

Photo of e-commerce in Turkey

As a result, when uploading products to e-commerce platforms in Turkey, it is important to pay attention to photo and image dimensions and specifications to increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction. Appropriate photo size and resolution settings will help you showcase your products more effectively and impress buyers.

You may also prefer to leave your photos to be taken for e-commerce sites in more confident hands. If you want e-commerce photo in Turkey, LUX Photo Video Production, with 17 years of experience, is doing professional photo shoots to better promote your products. You can contact us at any time! Contact us for your questions or suggestions bilgi@luxproduksiyon.com You can reach us via e-mail. At your service around the clock Whatsapp Line you can contact us directly.