6 Different Portrait Lights You Can Create with Window Light

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LUX Photo Video Production for 15 years hundreds of people, hundreds of thousands portrait photographyand we continue to do so. In this article, we will show you how you can create a light that you can create by using only the light from the window in a controlled way. 6 we're going to talk about different portrait lights.

The first thing you should do is to get rid of all light in the room except the window where the light comes in. If you have a very large window, you can even use thick curtains or light-blocking cardboard to narrow the area where the light comes in, making it easier to control the light. 

When shooting professionally in the studio, we prepare the background, put the model in front of it and move the light according to the model. But this is not possible when using light from a window as a light source. This time the light remains constant, the background and the model move according to the light.

1. Butterfly / Paramount Light

Turn your model towards the window, that is, towards the light source. In order to create a butterfly light on the model's face, shadows should be cast under the nose and chin. To do this, place your model on a stool and let the light shine on the model's face from above. After setting up this setup, you can adjust the height of the stool to change the ratio of the portrait light and the contrast of the shadows on the model's face to your heart's content. 

butterfly portrait light

2. Loop Light ( we couldn't find the Turkish version :) )

To create this portrait light, take the window to your side and have your model facing the window turn at a 45 degree angle to face you. The background has also changed because you moved the model, don't forget to readjust it. The light from the window will create the shadow of your model's nose. As the model turns towards you, this shadow will grow and you will get a more dramatic image. 

loop portrait light

3. Rembrandt Light

If you turn your model a little more towards you loop in the light The shadow cast by his nose merges with the shadow cast by his cheek, and the light creates a bright triangular area under the model's eye. It is from this triangle that we recognize Rembrandt's light. This light is named "painter of light and shadows" known as Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.

Rembrandt portrait light


Portrait Light

4. Split Light 

This time your model should be completely facing you. So one side of the model's face will receive the light from the window and the other side will be completely shaded. The model's face will be symmetrically divided by the light. If you want a slightly lower contrast image, you can hold a white cardboard on the dark side of the model to act as a reflector. This will open up the shadows a little more. 

split portrait light

5. Broad light

Rotate your model a little more in the same direction. There are two angles you can shoot in this portrait light. Rembrandt and loop you can focus on the shadowy part of the face and take a more mysterious photo, as we do in the light, or you can move to the bright side of the model and take a more mysterious photo. friendly and warm you can get a portrait. 

wide portrait light

6. Rim Light

This time place your model with its back to the window. Bring your background behind the model, but the background should not block the light. This way you can get dark and mysterious photos. If you want the model's face to be more prominent, you can use white cardboard to reflect the light from the window onto the model's face.

People often don't see the light coming through the window as a light source they can use. Of course, for all these techniques to work, the window through which the light comes must be small enough. At the beginning of this article, we suggested that you limit the area where light enters by gluing opaque cardboard or thick curtains to your window. If the light enters through a large area, it will scatter, it will not have a specific direction and you will not be able to control it and create the types of portrait light mentioned above. 

Portrait Light

Now you are saying "How hard it is to control this light, I can't be bothered with sticking cardboard on the window," but if you want to have such beautiful photos, LUX Photography Video Production, with its experience and professionalism, ensures that you have such beautiful photos without getting tired. Personal photo shoot our page and see the photos we have taken before, and if you want to have photos like this bilgi@luxproduksiyon.com You can reach us via e-mail. At your service around the clock Whatsapp Line you can contact us directly.

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