7 Things You Need to Know About Cast Photography

Cast Photography

If you want to be taken seriously by casting directors and invited to auditions, you need a professional casting photo shoot. These photos will be their first impression of you. Here is everything you need to know about cast photo shoots and agency photo shoots that will provide you with that great headshot...

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What is a Headshot / Cast Photo Shoot?

A casting photo shoot is the most important marketing tool for an actor. Casting directors use these photos to help them decide whether candidates have the right look and charisma for a particular role.

In an actor headshot, the photographer focuses on showcasing the actor's facial features and his ability to project a certain expression on his face. 

A properly taken professional cast photo shoot will ensure that you will be ahead of other actor candidates in possible auditions.

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Before the Cast Photo Shoot 

The number one thing you can do for a successful cast photo shoot is to do your research. 

First you need to find out what your types are. Not everyone can play the same roles. You have to have a wide range. There are 3-4 types that a successful player can realistically play. Do you look like a good father figure or a gang member? Once you have found your types, make observations. What kind of clothes do they wear? What kind of expressions do they have?

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What to wear/not to wear for a casting photo shoot?

You need to make sure that what you wear will not be a distraction or a problem for the camera. You should avoid intricate patterns, logos or accessories that distract attention away from your face. 

Keep your clothes stylish and simple and follow the standard format. A plain black t-shirt will do the trick. 

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It's All About the Eyes in Cast Photography

It is all about the eyes and what is behind them. Your eyes should be perfectly focused, alive and energized. You should not look like a dead fish. Behind the eyes there should be strong inner thoughts that hint at a life. A good photographer knows how to bring this out from within you.

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Don't Wear Too Much Makeup for Your Cast Photo Shoot

Cast makeup should be natural. No need for fake eyelashes or porcelain makeup. Too much makeup will distract attention and it will not look like you. Cast photo shoots need to be natural and look like you. If you are currently experiencing some skin problems, don't worry! We can hide unwanted blemishes by retouching without disturbing the naturalness.

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Which Backgrounds are Best for Headshot Photography? 

In general, try to avoid colorful or distracting backgrounds for your cast photos. You are the star of your photos. So avoid using a background with any pattern or gradient. 

Neutral colors should be used to complement your look without drawing attention to yourself. Generally, black, dark gray or off-white backgrounds are preferred.

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What are the Prices of Cast Photography? 

We realized all the cast photo shoots you see in this article as LUX Photography & Video Production. 

For 17 years, our photographers have taken cast photos of 600+ actors. With the guidance of our professional photographer, we take an average of 150-200 frames of your photos and send you all the photos taken in high resolution. We then retouch the photos you have chosen from among them and deliver them in both color and black and white.

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