Tricks for Modeled E-Commerce Shooting

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When your customers buy a product, they also want to see photos of the product to understand what they are buying. And you want to take high quality photos at affordable prices. Businesses can often take this a step further by using models in photos to show the features and different uses of a product. Hundreds of businesses have models adorning their e-commerce sites. modeled product shooting page and see how important it is to photograph your product in the best way possible.

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Model e-commerce photography is a typical type of product photography used by many businesses around the world, but due to the time and money required to get high-quality product images, businesses are a bit hesitant. As a result, they turn to different methods of model photography to take advantage of these benefits while keeping costs low. The solution is to add a human touch to your photography, a different concept that utilizes the advantages of model photography but offers them in a cost-effective package that gives you more creative freedom. In this article, let's get an idea about this concept with the modeled product photos taken by LUX Photo Video Production.

Tricks for a Modeled E-Commerce Shoot photographer


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Using models to showcase your products will help you reach a wider audience. Through a model e-commerce shoot, people understand how to use the product, where to use it, how it can be applied to their lives, and also get a clear understanding of the various features of the product. Unfortunately, people often think that a modeled e-commerce shoot is expensive and luxurious. They also believe that it gives them an air of prestige that attracts more customers. This is not always true and misuse of model photos can actually negatively affect your success.

Tricks for a Modeled E-Commerce Shoot photographer

The focus of any good product photograph should be the product itself, not the model. Models can distract and distract from the product, leading to unintended consequences. For example, if the product you are advertising is something like a towel and all your product photos are of models, you may be focusing more on the model than the product. You should have a good balance of not only photos of your product but also a model. E-commerce photos with models should be relevant to your product and don't always have to show the model's whole body. Showing only the hands holding the product adds both ease and understated elegance to a modeled e-commerce shoot.

Tricks for a Modeled E-Commerce Shoot photographer

Also, the model should be relevant to the product itself and really make sense. An example would be something like pet clothes and accessories. Using a human model in such a modeled e-commerce shoot is not a good idea because pets and mannequins are not really relevant. Instead of using a human model, it would make more sense to use a pet like a cat or dog to showcase the products. This seems like common knowledge, but sometimes we end up with product photos that are completely irrelevant. It's also very important that your model is dressed correctly for the shoot. If you're advertising sportswear, you probably don't want dark eye-catching makeup and painted nails. Models should look and dress like real people who will be using your product.Tricks for a Modeled E-Commerce Shoot photographer

Adding models to your product photos can be a great advantage. It helps your customers understand what they are buying and gives you an air of professionalism. However, the price of a product shoot with a model can sometimes exceed your budget and may not be suitable for every product. Fortunately, if you are interested in adding a human element to your product images, then the usual model photography is not the only way to go. In fact, there is a much more cost-effective solution that can deliver similarly effective results and has faster processing times: human touch photography.

Modeled Product Shooting

Human touch photography is a type of model photography that focuses on the promotion, demonstration and advertising of various commercial products where the model is used to emphasize their use case. In most cases, parts of the model, such as the hand holding the product, are used to show the product instead of the whole body, or in some cases the whole model is blurred and used as a background for a product. Regardless of whether the model is real or not, it helps customers more easily recognize what the product is and it is much easier for them to understand how each product is used.

There are four categories of human touch product photography: still life product photography, product photography with hand models, product photography with blurred models and product photography with models.

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Hand Modeled e-Commerce Shoot

A hand model e-commerce shoot is great for smaller products. Usually only the model's hands are visible instead of the full model. The model usually shows how the products will be used or handled, and the backdrop is usually related in some way. A hand model e-commerce shoot is also a great choice for complex products or if you need your hands to handle a product.

The hand modeled e-commerce shoot is ideal for smaller and more complex products. This includes jewelry, bags and accessories. Hand modeled e-commerce shoots are also great for products like electronics and toys, where hands are often used to operate the device. Additionally, foot modeling can be used to showcase products such as shoes.

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Still Life e-Commerce Shoot

Still life photographs showcase the product in its ideal setting. They don't actually include real models and often require some work to create a scene that makes sense and reflects a real use case scenario. For example, if you want to show something like a children's toy, you don't necessarily need to set up a child model. Instead, you can demonstrate its ideal use by carefully placing your product in a children's room surrounded by objects such as cots, rugs and child-friendly decorations.

Still life photos are perfect for products such as home and kitchen accessories, bathroom products and children's products such as toys and decorations. It is often difficult to arrange a child model and they may not cooperate, so shooting still life product shots is a much better solution.

Tricks for a Modeled E-Commerce Shoot photographer

E-Commerce Attraction Where the Model is Ambiguous

Product photos where the model is indistinct are easy to use and do not require a professional makeup artist or stylist. Since the entire model is blurred, the focus remains on the product the model is using, and the model can be anyone since they are usually unidentified. This is a cost-effective way to add models to your product images without having to budget for several models.

The e-commerce product shot, where the model is ambiguous, is great for showing smaller pieces of decor such as sporting goods, books, stationery, figurines and ornaments.

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Modeled e-Commerce Shooting

Finally, a modeled e-commerce shoot is a type of creative that features the entire model. This is perfect for showcasing products such as clothing and accessories, and you have the ability to showcase multiple products in a single modeled e-commerce shoot.

Clothing is the most typical choice for a modeled e-commerce shoot because they show the whole model. Accessories and other clothing items like bags are also a good choice. The great thing about a modeled e-commerce shoot is that you can showcase multiple products in one shot. This means you save time and money.

Ghost mannequin shoot

In addition to modeled shooting, one of the answers that comes to mind when it is asked "How should e-commerce product photo shoot be?" is ghost mannequin shooting, which is one of the rising trends in today's e-commerce world. Using mannequins for your product images is an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your products. Mannequins allow your products to retain their shape, which makes product images look more professional quality organized and consistent. With this technique, it will become very easy to reflect product features, the quality of the material and the style of your brand. The important process for ghost mannequin shooting is decoupage. Decoupage, prepared for the textile industry, shot on a white background, as the name suggests ghost that is, an inanimate, seemingly hollow mannequins and then photographed through a series of Photoshop editing processes.


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