The 4 Most Important Product Promotion Movie Types

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When you are trying to find new ways to show people the features of your product or service in a way that is not only accurate, but also convincing and understandable, a product trailer is the perfect solution. After all, you need to overcome the fact that potential buyers cannot interact with your products directly! These videos allow you to showcase your products in the best possible way, while at the same time convincing customers to buy your products... But to do that, you need to know which style to use and how to use it.

In this post, we've compiled the 4 best types of product trailers for marketing, with a detailed explanation of why you should choose them and what you can learn from each one. Hopefully, they will inspire you for your next product trailer creation adventure. All of the video examples in this article were edited and prepared by LUX Photo Video Production. If you want to see more examples YoutubeYou can watch our videos on our sitefor more information. 

1) Modeled Product Introduction Video

Modeled product promo video attracts a lot of attention on e-commerce sites and platforms. If you want to highlight your products and your products are in types such as jewelry, jewelry, textile products, you should definitely choose a model product promotion video. Models show how the product stands and customers can best understand the texture, structure and posture of the product without touching the product.

Since the model's face is usually visible in product promotion video shoots with models, the hairdresser and make-up budget is also included and the shooting price increases considerably. If your budget is more limited, you can choose shoots where the model's face is not visible.

product demonstration video

2) Decorated Product Promotion Movie

In addition to the modeled product promotion film, product promotion films with decor are also popular nowadays. With these decors prepared according to the style and stance of the product, you can reflect the message you want to give about your product in a very beautiful way. It is important that the decor is suitable for the content and style of the product. In this case, there are many factors that videographers and art directors need to consider.

As LUX Photography Video Production, we have been shooting decorated product promotional films for 17 years. One of the examples of decorated product promotional films we have been making for years:

Decorated Jewelry Promotion Video - LUX Photo Video Production - YouTube

3) 360 Degree Product Promotion Movie

First, let's define what a 360 video is. A 360-degree video (like 360-degree product photography) shows the viewer or user how an object or scene looks from every conceivable angle. In the early days, videos were shot using rigs with multiple cameras or highly specialized cameras with multiple lenses. In the editing stage, producers and post-production specialists stitched the footage together to create a seamless three-dimensional experience.

Today, 360 product videos can be produced at a much more affordable price than in the past. The technology is largely similar, but advances have made the equipment more accessible and user-friendly. However, 360 product audiences need not be limited to video. Some brands use the same filming method to create an interactive experience that allows users and shoppers to click and drag the product so they can choose their angle. This can be an effective 360-degree product trailer for eCommerce use as it gives shoppers a sense of empowerment and therefore the confidence to click the buy button.

4) Outdoor Product Promotion Movie

Product photography is about much more than white backgrounds - although these are essential for almost every e-commerce platform. One of the strengths of photography is its creativity and variety, and this can be used in product photography as well as in other types of photography. Some products need outdoor shots.

You will almost always need studio or flat ground footage for your products (some e-commerce platforms insist on this), but many products also need outdoor product trailers. This includes anything that belongs outside or is used outside. Cars, garden tools, outdoor clothing and barbecues are just some of the things that come to mind, which becomes an almost endless list when you start thinking about it. But many other products will also benefit from an outdoor product trailer.

Think of products with natural ingredients - soaps, shampoos, skin care. Food products - natural products or foodstuffs made with natural ingredients. Many health products are promoted with nature-loving ingredients. A great way to show this to customers is to shoot an outdoor product promotion video.

Also, did you know that 360-degree shots are very eye-catching for the promotion of your products? For your products 360 Degree Product Shooting you can contact us for more information.

The 4 Most Important Types of Product Promotional Film Photographer

As a result, with these shots that you will use as a product promotion movie, your sales will increase greatly and your customers will buy your products with confidence. Since customers cannot see the products in e-commerce, they can only rely on photos and videos, and the better quality they are, the more confidence you give. The product promotion video plays a huge role in impressing customers at this stage. As LUX Photo Video Production, we have been shooting photos and videos for 17 years, if you want ambitious advertising shots for your products Advertisement Shootings page and contact us immediately to get the best quality and remarkable shots for your products. Communication You can reach us through our information.

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