Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu

Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu

Our List of Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu

Istanbul is a unique city that blends history and culture, telling a different story in every corner. One of the most prominent places to take photos in Istanbul is Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu is the favorite district of Istanbul with its famous Istiklal Street, crowded Taksim, historical Tünel Square, exotic Cihangir and many other touristic spots. From its bustling streets to its historical buildings, from its colorful nightlife to its unique landscapes, Beyoğlu is an unmissable destination for photography lovers. Here are the places to take photos in Beyoğlu we have selected for you:

Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street, the first place that comes to mind when you think of Istanbul, has probably hosted millions of photographs so far. With its nostalgic red tram, simit sellers and chestnut sellers, historical buildings, old Han buildings and colorful portraits of people, it is one of the places that can be your first choice for a photo shoot.

Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu

Flower Passage

This arcade, which is on our right as we walk towards Galata on Istiklal Street, was used as a theater and opera hall when it opened in 1867. Nowadays, when we enter, we are greeted by restaurants and taverns left and right. Çiçek Passage is a place that will add nostalgia to your outdoor photo shoot both with its historical door and the decoration inside.

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Galata Tower and its surroundings

We continue walking on Istiklal Street and reach Galata Tower by walking through the side streets of Beyoglu. Galata Tower, which has been very popular for outdoor photo shoots in recent years, stands in its splendor. Of course, the streets around the tower are just as beautiful and magnificent. Anyway, when it comes to places to take photos in Beyoğlu, we couldn't leave out Galata Tower and its surroundings

Bankalar Caddesi

We leave the Galata Tower behind and go down the streets of Beyoğlu again. Bankalar Street, also known as Voyvoda Street, was one of the financial centers of the Ottoman Empire. The street, where many banks are headquartered today, is also home to the famous Kamondo Stairs.

Streets of Karakoy

Our next stop after Bankalar Street is the beautiful Karaköy. With its beach, cafes, colorful streets with umbrellas and lights, it is a great place to take photos in Beyoğlu. Karaköy, one of the most popular places in recent years, is one of the best places to take photos in Karaköy with its graffiti-filled streets, hip cafes and seaside views.


Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu

Kamondo Stairs

The Kamondo stairs in Galata, Istanbul, have an important place for places to take photos in Beyoğlu. These stairs are located in the very center of the city with their aesthetic structure in accordance with the architecture of the region. You can make a pleasant nostalgia while walking with these aesthetic stairs, which are one of the leading places to take photos in Istanbul.

Places to Take Photos in Beyoglu photographer

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